Name Tag Residue on Clothes… ERG!

I should have taken a before picture, but I didn’t even think this post was worthy until it actually worked. Our son leaves stickers on his clothes and then puts them in the hamper. Am I a lazy mom for not checking every single item before I throw it in the wash? Yes, yes I am. The worst are name tags. Since we started a new school, we’ve been having to use a lot of name tag stickers. I thought we were being pretty diligent about taking off the tags after the event, but one got away. It got away and went into the washing machine and the dryer. That sticky residue looked like it had been there for ages and made its home on the front of his shirt.

I looked up how to get rid of it online, and most of the suggestions immediately turned me off. I didn’t want to rub the sticker off with dish soap and a toothbrush forever, or use vegetable oil or peanut butter on a shirt. I mean, come on people. I’m trying to get something off a shirt. The last thing I want to do is then have to deal with an oil stain afterward! Then you see the chemical treatments like nail polish remover, goo gone, and WD-40.

I was pretty happy to find that some people used DUCT TAPE to remove the sticker residue.

Here’s how: Put a book inside the shirt and cut off a piece of duct tape. Firmly apply the duct tape and rub it over with a coin (or something hard). Then, pull it off quickly. The trick is to pull it off quickly.

photo 1And voila! It even took off some of the pilling from the shirt, so now there’s a really nice square patch on the t-shirt that looks brand new. I’m glad I tried this method first before whipping out the WD-40, eesh.

photo 2{Images by Nancy Cho for Uncle Owly}