Don’t Get Me Wrong

soft-boiled{Image by Nancy Cho for Uncle Owly}

Look, I love eggs. If I’m in a pinch, I’ll throw a fried egg on a bowl of rice with a little bit of sesame oil, soy sauce, and sesame seeds and call it a meal. When I was a kid, my mom was worried that I was malnourished because I only wanted to eat eggs and carrots. Poached, fried, boiled, it’s all good. Soft-boiled eggs are awesome, and I’m seeing these things everywhere in restaurants. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. I’m just amused that it is, like, everywhere. It just made sense to draw up the image above.


Meyer Lemon Parmesan Salad Dressing with Fresh Mint


Last fall, I figured out my sister-in-law’s salad dressing and wrote a post on the Anthology Magazine website. This may be an oldie, but dang, it’s a goodie. Spring is in full effect around these parts (California), so I’m craving for some salad. I don’t crave for salad much, but this dressing is one that I do crave. Top it off with some seared scallops and I’ll be taking some bites from your plate.

The recipe is easy, and once you get it down, you won’t have to measure. Just get the main ingredients and go to town all over those awesome greens that you know you should be eating. Hey, we parents need to eat well for our kids too, right? And get this, your kid might love this dressing as well since it’s got a hint of sweetness from honey. If you want the recipe, go here!


{All images from Anthology Magazine. Photos by Marvin Ilasco.}

Lemonade Anyone?

I can’t wait to have a lemonade stand with the little guy. I want to make him the most bomb-a** lemonade stand ever. I think these vintage looking beverage dispensers from Victorian Trading Co. are perfect for any party, wedding, and yes, the bomb-a** lemonade stand. It will be totally, (in higher pitch voice), awesoooome.

For the Boys

 For those of you have boys, have you noticed that there is a serious lack of stuff for boys out there? For instance, when I go to a place like Target, I find myself in a sea of girls clothes and am so disappointed to find maybe six racks dedicated to boys. Shoe stores will have maybe two rows for boys and about seventeen for girls. Some stores don’t even carry stuff for boys. Apparently, boys don’t need to get dressed or even try to look cute. If we read into this further, we can say that society is already training little girls to shop. That there is a lack of things for boys because boys and men don’t need that stuff to be validated. (I hope you’re getting my sarcasm at this point.) Anyway, point is, there is a lack of stuff for boys.

I was super surprised to see this little Etsy shop by Mates & Rubbish, carrying a Customized Birthday Boy Cupcake Topper for boys. I looked around for the girl one, but did not find it! I’m sure they have one or can make one for the little girls too. But for once, I finally felt like this was one for just the boys.

Yes, This IS Cool

Okay, you as an adult might think, “this is over the top.” But I’ve got the pickiest of picky eaters in my house, and this is cool. Even if you don’t have a picky eater, this is cool. I remember the sandwiches that my mom made for us when we were growing up. We used to own a deli, so my sister and I always had fancy, homemade, deli sandwiches every day. And you “grown-ups” who remember their moms cutting the crusts off their sandwiches, don’t you think this is cool? The point is, kids remember, and kids love this stuff. If I were a kid and saw this when I opened up my lunchbox, I’d be so psyched. I also love little parties, so I think this would be the coolest thing at a kids birthday party. These sandwich cutters from Lunch Punch are, face it, F-U-N.

Beehive Kitchenware Co.

We received a baby spoon from the hospital when our little one was born. I think it had the hospital name engraved on it. I can’t remember and I don’t know where it is. I suppose that just proves how much we like it. So, I let out a little sigh when I saw these adorable baby spoons from Beehive Kitchenware. They just came out with a 2011 baby spoon set with cute little rabbits to celebrate the new babies born in the year of the rabbit!

No BPA Please

Aren’t you just sick of being bombarded by the crap that is in our kid’s stuff? I get so sick of the recalls because they found “xyz” in the kids toys, cups, juice boxes, plates, etc., etc., etc.! Not to mention, I also don’t want a dose of lead in my stuff either. Eesh. So far, Klean Kanteen can provide bottles for our kids AND for us adults too. They’ve got sippy cups too. The Classic version will also fit your Avent sippy cap for the little ones.

School Lunch


I’m a huge foodie. It’s the reason why I have so many problems with my weight and for my jiggly abs. Apparently, I can go on a strict diet if someone else’s life depended on it, (like when I was preggers and got GD), but not that big of a motivation when it comes to my life depending on it. Weird, huh? But I do think about eating good and healthy foods. I just eat too much!

I’m curious as to what my kid will be given for lunch when he starts school. It may be that this mama will be busy making lunches everyday. It’s fascinating to me to see what school lunchrooms look like around the world.



France (yes folks, those are mussels and a whole artichoke. yum.)


Smiling Planet

My baby, I mean toddler, is starting to eat off his plate. Well, I don’t know if he knows that he’s really doing that. If your kids is like mine, he needs to be extremely distracted in order to eat. The kid won’t eat if he is too concentrated on just the food. Distract him, and he will open wide. So we’re going for the plates with cute little designs on them. For some reason, the smaller the design, the more he focuses and zero’s in on the image. Amazing. Moral of the story? It doesn’t have to be loud to be distracting.

These cute plates from Smiling Planet are BPA free, earth friendly, and non toxic. I love the illustrations and the cute little messages.

Pie Pops

I want to eat a dozen of these. Couldn’t you? Someone please make these for a party. You can learn how to make them yourself at Luxirare, and then invite me over to try them.

In the meantime, I may be a little sparse with the updates on the blog the next couple weeks. There are new developments happening and feel like taffy that’s being pulled a part. But keep checking back because the first birthday party is at the end of the month. Wow, a year has flown by… so amazing!!

They’re Back!

I tried to order these dang cookie cutters from Williams Sonoma in January, and they had just sold out. Then I found out that they had some in stock online in February and quickly ordered them. They sent me an email that they were back ordered. FINALLY, three months later, I received and email that they are on their way to my home today! You can personalize your own sugar cookies for any party or event. There will definitely be cookies at the first birthday party. If you want one, I suggest you buy them soon because these were a pain in the butt to get.

Let The Crafts Begin!

Now that I have all my ideas down and finalized, I have to actually MAKE all the stuff for our baby’s first birthday. It’s gonna be “Nancy’s Little Sweatshop” in our home for two months. Started with these utensil bags for chopsticks. I bought some glassine bags and then designed a simple card to go inside. At the Korean market, I got a bag of 100 chopsticks for $2.63… I know, what a deal, right? Cut two slits on the card to slide in the chopsticks and voila! Cute chopsticks to match our little party theme. Works great with other utensil as well.

Eat Salad

My baby is a fussy eater. Mealtime is a headache for both of us. Getting him to eat his veggies is even worse. I disguise it with fruit puree or with noodles and pasta. These Sprig Salad Bowls are so colorful and pretty. I wonder if it would help kids eat their greens? Probably not, but at least I can look at something pretty while I deal with the angry fit at the table.


Ok, ok, I’m totally on a food kick, but HOW can I help it? This is so darn cute! I had to show you this bamboo place setting by FUNFAM. Funny thing is, is that I would learn how to eat properly as well. Yeah, yeah, you too, just admit it. Remember that part in Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts’ character had to learn how to use silverware? I’d be just like her (except for the hooker part, of course), being all clueless and flinging escargot everywhere.

Cupcake Round 1

Could it be? I baked cupcakes the other day and they were GOOD. Repeat… GOOOOOOD. I will definitely be making these for the birthday party in a couple months. I got the recipe from the book,  Cupcakes! by Elinor Klivans. It is a simple yellow cake filled with a delicious lemon filling, topped off with cream cheese frosting. I hate frostings that are too sweet… bleck. It called for 3 cups of powdered sugar, but I think I put around 2 cups instead and it was perfect. I gave one to my husband and ate one myself. Then immediately packed up the rest of them to take to a board meeting. Emphasis on the word ‘IMMEDIATELY’. My husband and I were tempted to eat the whole dozen. I just got done making a passionfruit filling… will let you know if that will be cupcake number two at the party.

Yes, my evil plan is to practice my baking skills a day before I go see people. That way I can bring all the goods with me to give away instead of eating them all myself. Good plan, isn’t it? hehehehe….. I mean, “muwaahhahahaha!”

nom, nom, nom!!!

One of Those Days

Ever have one of those days? A day when things aren’t going as planned, you’re extremely tired, and the baby just pee’d all over you? A trip to the spa would be great, but for a quick fix, I walked down the frozen food aisle and got me two pints of Talenti Gelato. Didn’t eat the dark chocolate one myself though. Had three other people help me with it. Although, I could’ve eaten it in one sitting easy. Yup, one of those days.

Cake Practice

Every year, my dad’s birthday is on a different day. My parents go by the lunar calendar, so as kids, (and I guess as adults as well), we never knew when their birthdays were. I found out two weeks ago that my dad’s birthday was past Saturday, so I was excited to work on my cake baking/decorating skills.  I made a three layer vanilla cake with buttercream.  I immediately realized that working with American Buttercream was a little bit harder to get completely smooth, unlike the decorator’s buttercream recipe I got from the class at Baking Arts. I also don’t like how sweet buttercream  is, so I’m now on the hunt for a frosting recipe that isn’t so sweet. Does anyone know what happens if you just put less sugar in buttercream frosting?

Inside the cake, I put in slices of  strawberries and used pink frosting so it looked super cute when we cut into it.  Should’ve taken a picture, but oh well. Shucks… I guess I’ll just have to bake another cake.


I have run into so many cool things while looking for birthday stuff. Yes, I’m learning how to decorate my own baked goods now, but how sweet are these designs from Ticings?  If I don’t feel like decorating, I can just peel and place the sugar design on buttercream frosting.  Easy schmeezy…. you’ll be the talk of the party!

First Cake Decorating Class

Okay, I did it! Technically, this is my second cake, but this one is definitely my first love. I took my first cake decorating class at Baking Arts in San Francisco. The teacher, Richard, was amazing. He was so nice, helpful, and reassuring. The class had five people in it including myself, and we received all the attention we needed. He taught us how to cut the cake properly, ice it without crumbs, and do a simple decorating trick with a piping bag. At the end, he put our finished three layer cakes in a box to take home. I clutched mine like a giddy second grader as if it was a huge prize I won. I couldn’t wait to get home and show my husband, “Look! Look what I did!”
A beginning baker and I just love it… who knew? Have to save up money now to take more of his classes.

Sorry about the dark photos. Got home in the evening!

Vegan Cake Round 1

I take my cake decorating class next week, but I wanted to try out this vegan cake recipe I found online. We’ll be giving it to our son for his 1st birthday. I chose vegan because I didn’t want to shock his system with the eggs, cow’s milk, and whatever else they put in cakes these days at the store. Plus, I want to practice my baking skills.

Round 1:
This vegan cake frosting is pretty good. Not the best tasting buttercream I’ve ever had (ie..real butter. can’t beat real butter in my eyes), but it’s good. I got it from the book, Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World. The cake recipe I found on a blog. The cake. Well. It wasn’t tasty. It was super gooey and dense too. Yeah, my husband and I agreed that taste doesn’t really matter since we’ll be giving it to the birthday boy to eat, smash, and play with. But it wasn’t even fun to play with because it was so dense and hard! We stuck our fingers in it, we grabbed it, and we ended up with just a big, globby, doughy ball. So this cake recipe got a big ‘X’ from us. No need to share the recipe here.

I don’t have a real pastry bag, so I just played around with this cookie decorating set I got a Williams Sonoma. The thing is kind of a piece of poo, but it’s great for kids.

I went a little nuts…

Make It Pretty

I am loving these sites where I can package my own things and make it look good. I just did a post on Bake it Pretty, now make other things pretty by packaging it right with Garnish. Before, I have gone to other sites like Papermart, but they sell things in bulk and now I have 1000 paper bags in my garage. So if you just want a few things that will make your party or gifts look sharp, go to Garnish. Why am I so fond of these sites right now? Yes, I will admit it here… I am already planning the little boy’s 1st birthday. And I’ll tell you guys why later.

Bake It Pretty

Bake It Pretty is just that… pretty. I am on a baking rampage now since having a baby. Nesting behavior? Mommy behavior? Weight gaining behavior? All of the above. I never really baked, but now I’m super psyched on it. I even signed up for a cake decorating class at Baking Arts in March. Yeah, I’m THAT amp’ed. With all the birthday cakes, bake sales, and holidays to share with my little one, why not learn how to bake and decorate? And why not know how to decorate well? I have been so inspired by this site!