Bedroom Round Two

pinkroom{Before picture : The pink room}

When we moved into our house, our son’s bedroom had pink walls and rose colored carpet. He had just turned one and none of us were big fans of the color choices in this room. This was the easiest painting job since we didn’t care about the carpet and finished within a few hours. The image below is what happened after we painted the pink walls and replaced the rose carpet.

IMG_5719{Before picture: The baby room}

Over the years, the furniture moved around and we replaced the crib with a bed. As I came to terms that my kid is going to start elementary school this year, I decided that we needed to de-baby-fy his room. I kept some of the baby stuff, like the stuffed elephant from his first birthday made by his grandma, his baby book, and maybe a few other things that I snuck in there to ease my “my kid is growing up so fast” mind. I realized that with my crickety body, the thought of repainting his room in a few years was not an option. We wanted to choose a neutral color, and ended up painting it the same color as our wall in our dining room.

bed-corner{After picture}

I still need to hang the curtains and find a bed frame for him, but wanted to snap a few pictures before he destroyed it. It only takes minutes for the Lego’s to be thrown all over the floor making it a safety hazard for all grown adults. Even though I said in an earlier post that I wanted to stay away from gray, I ended up with it anyway. Mostly because we had the color in our house already, and we didn’t want to fuss around between that color and white. I used Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore. We just had an earthquake in our area, so I tacked everything down securely and also added adhesive putty to all the hanging pictures. Our son’s painting and Boba Fett are hung without frames with putty and washi tape.

bed1My son was on board with me most of the time as long as I had a picture of Boba Fett on the wall. The only thing he wouldn’t let me change, was his lamp. Since we got rid of most of the green in his room, he wanted to keep the one thing that had his dad’s favorite color on it. I grudgingly complied. For now. (Tapping my fingers together like Mr. Burns moment.)




IMG_8927{All images by Nancy Cho for Uncle Owly}


Animal Print Shop Nursery Project

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

When we were little, my dad had a landscaping business in the California wine country. We lived in a cute suburban neighborhood of 1950’s ranch style homes, and our house had the ugliest front yard on the block. The last thing that our dad wanted to do when he got home from work, was to design and work on our yard. Lucky for him, we were not under a home owner’s association. Not so lucky for our neighbors.

I am far from being an interior decorator, but I do love researching and looking up beautiful interiors. Now that I’m trying to figure out what to do with my son’s big-boy room, I am running into many amazing kid’s spaces. (Oh god Pinterest, what have you done to the internet and my life?) Things aren’t that pretty in my home as it is not all glitz and glam around here. I have a tough time making my home into anything Pinterest worthy as I live in the real world with a tight budget. I oftentimes become paralyzed with fear with every decision I make, and that my friends, don’t look so good.

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

My son’s room is no where near the size of this one, but my face turned green with envy as I scrolled through these pictures by The Animal Print Shop. How I wish I could have been a part of Animal Print Shop Nursery Project, but alas, the inspiration drawn from these pictures will have to suffice!

Currently, his room is a sage-y green color, and I was thinking about painting his room white. It was bright pink when we moved in, so bringing it to white will require multiple coats of paint. I’m tempted to go with this Caldwell Green color from Benjamin Moore, with the camp/outdoors theme. This color can go with any age, and is a nice change from all of the gray that I have in my home and have been seeing everywhere. Can I manage? Will it happen? Well, August is my target month, so let’s see what comes out from this petrified brain of mine.

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

{All images by Laure Joilet for The Animal Print Shop}



I love the idea of putting up wallpaper in my home. I do not love the idea of installing wallpaper in my home. The task seems overwhelming, and I do not like the idea of having to paste, cut, and align wallpaper perfectly. Hopefully, I will get over this phobia because there are some gorgeous wallpaper out there that I drool over.

Until then, I found MUR, a fun company based in Salt Lake City, Utah.  They design cute and modern wall decals to spruce up any room in the house. These affordable decals are also not permanent, so it’s perfect for the renter or the decorator that loves to change things up.


I first discovered MUR when I ran into this blog Chasing Sunshine.  I’ve been searching for decorating ideas for my little dude, to transform him baby room into a big boy room. I’ve been leaning towards the whole white/black + wood trend, and love how she added pops of color to tie everything together. Ever wish you could buy a room and have it just magically appear in your home? Poof! … darn, it didn’t work.

Jack-Room{Top two images by MUR; Bottom image by Chasing Sunshine}


Small Adventure


I don’t know why I haven’t posted about this one earlier…. oh wait, I do know why — I’m a neglectful blogger! I discovered Small Adventure at the San Francisco Renegade show a few years back, and was fell in love with these illustrations by Keiko Brodeur. Many of her prints remind me of vintage illustrations of nature and the outdoors, which I think would go perfect in any child’s room. But, there’s something for everyone here, boy or girl, small or tall!



{All images by Small Adventure}

Aqua, Pink, Grey, and Black Nursery

One of my favorite colors is aqua/turquoise. I went nuts when the turquoise and brown color combination hit years ago, but then it went on to other color combo’s and it was difficult for me to let go of aqua. I was so excited to see this nursery by Lay Baby Lay, using aqua with splashes of pink, grey, black and white. My new favorite color combo right now is peach and gray, so I was excited to see the colors in this nursery using that with my old time love, aqua. Baby or not, Vivi Charles’ nursery is a room that I wish I could be my bedroom.

Sailboat Party Theme

I love party themes because they give me direction. Sometimes, it can become a little too obsessive, but in the end, it somehow turns out pretty well. I am in love with this Sailboat party theme by Diaper Style Memoirs. All done DIY style with, get ready for this…. $20. With all the money that goes into parties these days, that $20 price tag is music to my ears. Click here to see all images and full post!


Ben’s Second Birthday

My little guy is already two years old. I swear I can still remember him kicking my ribs when he was in my tummy, but now I have to say that that was years, (yes, years plural), ago. The week of the party was a little nuts. Thankfully, my crafty-genius-mother-in-law, came down to help watch the little guy while I frantically started getting things ready for the party. Did I mention that I had to also work, teach, read a book for a book club meeting, and go to a parent board meeting that week too? Oh, and let me also mention that my husband also broke his ankle and had to have nine screws and a metal plate put in his leg. We probably wouldn’t have had a party if my mom-in-law didn’t come to watch the little rascal. I just hope that amidst all the craziness, we didn’t scare her and she will come back again.

Here are some pictures of the party. I baked carrot cupcakes and Ben’s birthday cake. I like simple things… haha, who am I kidding? I didn’t have time to make an extravagant birthday cake, so I was lucky enough to find a cute train set birthday candle holder to go on top of the cake. The suitcase which is holding the party favor bags was my mom’s from the 70’s. If you recall, the favor bags match the invitation I designed. Little Ben wore a t-shirt that read, “Choo choo, I’m 2!” from Cantaloupe Corner. And see that garland above the banner? I actually sewed that! Just cut circles out of felt and fed it through the sewing machine. Voila! It was actually simple and didn’t take that much time. It also helps to have the circle fabric cutter that I have.

For the Boys

 For those of you have boys, have you noticed that there is a serious lack of stuff for boys out there? For instance, when I go to a place like Target, I find myself in a sea of girls clothes and am so disappointed to find maybe six racks dedicated to boys. Shoe stores will have maybe two rows for boys and about seventeen for girls. Some stores don’t even carry stuff for boys. Apparently, boys don’t need to get dressed or even try to look cute. If we read into this further, we can say that society is already training little girls to shop. That there is a lack of things for boys because boys and men don’t need that stuff to be validated. (I hope you’re getting my sarcasm at this point.) Anyway, point is, there is a lack of stuff for boys.

I was super surprised to see this little Etsy shop by Mates & Rubbish, carrying a Customized Birthday Boy Cupcake Topper for boys. I looked around for the girl one, but did not find it! I’m sure they have one or can make one for the little girls too. But for once, I finally felt like this was one for just the boys.

Birthday Party: Part Deux

OMG. Is it really happening? I realize that veteran parents must be laughing at me, but what ev’s. I need to have my moment, and to all you first child mom’s, you deserve this moment too. The little one is turning two and dang, has time flown by that quickly? If so, then WHY?!?!?! I just looked at all the 1st birthday photos ooh-ing and awwww-ing over the cute little boy in his diaper eating his first cake, and missing the chub stomach rolls and chub thighs. Why is baby growing up so fast?! Too fast!!

Ok, I had my moment. Um. Alright. Yeaaahhh, I’m still obsessing about it.

So, on to birthday number two. The little boy is obsessed with trains. I realize that it probably isn’t the greatest idea that I feed his psychological obsession over trains with a train theme birthday party. Nonetheless, the party must go on! I started with the invitations and loved this train drawing on some wallpaper I saw a while back. (Yes, and I have an obsession over wallpaper, I know, I know.) I used that same train to put on the invitation. Then I custom made fabric to give out as party favors for the kiddos. I told myself that I would tone it down for this party since number one was a little insane. Hehe, I guess I just can’t help myself. No, seriously, I will tone it down.

Anyway, here is the invitation I drew up. I made it look like a train ticket and made little address return labels to match. I do not take any credit for the train drawing because that was wallpaper. As you can see, you will find no Thomas the Train theme here because the little one is actually a little freaked out by Thomas the Train. Weird, ain’t it? I’ll post the fabric bags next time so you can see what they look like.

What to do with Mirrored Doors and Walls

When we moved into our 80’s house, we knew that the house was due for an upgrade to present day. Our master bedroom has three sliding doors that were gi-normous. Not only that, they were mirrored closet doors, boo! I searched and searched for a solution that did not involved installing custom doors because of our budget. Plus, custom closet doors can run you thousands of dollars, especially the size that we needed. So, the handy hubby decided to take the mirrors out and replace it with plywood. We painted it and thought, “Hey, we can put wallpaper up!” Did you know that wallpaper is expensive? Well, at least the kind that I liked. I actually did know about this amazing vinyl wallpaper that can hang over mirrored walls and doors, but since the price wasn’t right, I nixed that too. So, I decided to go with stenciling. UNTIL, I found this awesome deal at ModCloth for temporary wallpaper made out of vinyl. It’s from a company called, Tempaper. I guess we could have kept the mirrors in the end, but if we ever get sick of this wallpaper, at least we know that there won’t be mirrors underneath. Think of it as high end contact paper. Yup, contact paper. But it’s a lot sturdier, nicer, and the patterns are great.

It took about a roll and a half to finish the doors. Now I want to line my cupboards with them. Not really kid related entry, but hey, Tempaper has some very cute wallpaper patterns for kids rooms too! So when your kid decides that he or she is not two years old anymore, you can rip that sucker off in no time.

Here’s the AFTER:

Before and After: Magazine Rack

magazine rack before

My sister gave me this magazine rack about ten years ago because I just had my magazines in piles everywhere. They’re still in piles, but probably because I hadn’t used the rack in years. After ten years, it has become a little outdated and looks like it belongs in a college dorm room. Rather than throwing it out, I decided that it would be easy to spruce up with a bit of paint and new fabric. I wish that I had found a fabric pattern that was more modern, but this hipster pregnant lady at the fabric store had hoarded seven bolts of fabric. One of which I adored, but she bought the whole roll. Oh well, still like my new and improved rack. My son and I now share it with the books that we read. Re-purposing stuff feels great.

magazine rack after

magazine rack after

Growth Spurt

My little one will be turning two in four months. Someone said to me the other day, “He doesn’t look like a baby anymore,” and my heart sank a little. Ho-hum, this is the way the cookie crumbles. Besides the tantrums, I do have more fun with the little one now. He can run around and play at the park, sing songs, copy and say words, and make us laugh. His growth slowed down a bit after turning one, but in the past few months, the kid just grew taller! For those modern houses out there, this Measure Me Stick by Donna Piacenzo chart’s your child’s growth and looks great as a piece of wall art.

How Sweet It Is

I bought the Elephant pattern from Heather Bailey for Benjamin’s first birthday. We gave out the elephants as gifts to the little babies. Heather Bailey’s patterns, fabric, and crafts are just so darn pretty and cute. When I was younger, I was a total tom-boy. But the older I get, I see that I’m getting girlier and girlier.  And well, this definitely satisfies the girl-iness in me!

This free pattern for a cupcake holder is so adorable. Plus, you can use it again to keep your little things that are lying around the house… which your kids should not be touching… and put up high on a shelf… you know.

Linen Stockings

I am excited to have our first Christmas in our new home. I’m looking around for stockings and decorations, and can’t wait to get our first Christmas tree! I love some of these linen stockings I found on Etsy. The one above is from Tuuni. This one is exactly the one I imagined for my stocking. The striped one below is from Elegant Farmhouse, and made of antique German grain sacks. The last one is from Polka Dots and Blooms. One stocking for each person in the family! Oops, I forgot our dog, Nigel. Must look around for something for him too!

De-80-fying Our 80’s Home

Remember I said that I have lots of projects going on? How do I do this with my one year old, you ask? Well, I have to admit that he’s a pretty awesome kid. I know that it is a possibility that that could change when the “terrible twos” hit, but I’m soaking in every moment with him now! I make it up to him by taking him to the park everyday.

We moved into our 1985 home a couple months ago and we are so happy we’re finally here. We have a lot more space and a yard for the little one and our dog to run around and get into trouble. With a very limited budget, we have the challenge now of DE-80-fying our home. I appreciate some of the music that came out of the 80’s, but other than that, I don’t appreciate anything else that came out of the 80’s. The clothing, the hair, and most of all, the architecture!! Why did we choose a 1980’s house? Because we live in the SF Bay Area, and it’s ridiculously expensive out here. We didn’t want to compromise on space and location to the city, so here we are. But we’re hopeful, because this home and neighborhood have a great vibe.

What we can afford… Paint. We immediately started with the kitchen cabinets. Let me tell you, it was a big pain to paint these, but in the end, I’m so glad we did. You MUST use oil-based paints for kitchen cabinets. It’s a horrid paint to work with, but you’ll be sorry if you don’t. Next up, we took down the grandma window curtains and left the blinds. We are still trying to figure out what to put up in its place. Lastly, we bought Ikea flooring and installed it over the ugly laminate. Still have to put in the trim around the floor and work out some minor details, but voila! A kitchen that is slowly leaving the 80’s for $700 bucks.


and one more BEFORE, just in case you didn’t get the idea. A great shot of the floors…

And NOW…

Sewing Projects

In my search of Pojagi How To’s, I ran into this blog from Mairuru. Seamstress extraordinaire, this mobile she made for her baby is just to precious for words. She is taking a break from her Etsy store right now, so I can’t wait it to re-open.


I always click directly on the SALE button online these days. How cute are these bookends? They’re on sale for $8.99 at West Elm. So cute for your kid’s bookshelf!

OH!  and by the way, send your birthday party pictures over!  We would love to start showcasing birthday parties!

Make it Your Own

On my search for wallpaper and decals for my son’s room, I ran into this wonderful blog post on Sewing for Scarlett. She shows you how to make your own fabric decals without the liquid starch mess! I’ve already bought my double stick fusible web to try it out!

I will also try a small patch on my hideous mirrored closet doors in the master bedroom. If it works, then my next project will be to tackle the, I repeat, hideous, 1980’s, master bedroom. If it doesn’t, then can someone please tell me how to cover or get rid of mirrored closet doors? on a budget?!

Back To School

Kids have been in school for a while now. I just started teaching this month for the music class program in Oakland. One of my old students came to say “hello” to me this week and the first thing I asked her was, “Are you still playing piano?” Come on, this is what piano teachers do. She raised her shoulders, smiled, clutched her bag and said, “No.”
Disappointed? A little. But really, I’m just happy that she came to visit me. School is back in session!

So, of course, the ABC Board I found from this cute online store called, Present and Correct caught my teacher’s eye.  I never used a School Satchel like the one shown below when I went to regular school, but had a similar one to when I went to Korean school. I would totally make my students wear this if I could. In all different colors too. Can’t you see it now?



Sycamore Street Press

I saw Sycamore Street Press at the Renegade Craft Fair, but their booth was too crowded to take any photos. I’m not surprised that it was so jammed in there either! This family letterpress business creates the most charming designs. A good friend of ours gave our little guy the Numbers poster for his birthday. I totally cracked up when I saw the “Crying is for Babies” poster below. I love what it says in the parenthesis.

More Wallpaper!

I’m just gonna load up a whole bunch of pictures in this post!



Aimee Wilder

Aimee Wilder

How about wall decals?


Petit Collage



Hunt for Wallpaper

I am excited to tackle the Pink Room at the new place next week. Another thing that bothers me about this room are these closet doors.   I don’t want to paint them, and I don’t want to rip them out. So, I’m thinking about putting wallpaper over them. Now that I’ve decided what I want to do, I have to do the hard part and find a wallpaper pattern. Here are a couple that I’ve ran into. Any faves? Any suggestions?

One of my faves…

and remember this?

No commitment yet.  I have a whole other list of wallpaper coming up!  I am also packing away the computer soon, so we’ll reaalllly be absent for a while.  I have one more post going up before then.  See you all soon!  I still have Renegade posts to load!

Paulova Design – Renegade 2

Paula likes uniqueness. All of her pottery is thrown on a potter’s wheel and hand decorated. That means, all of her pieces are unique. Ever show up to a party wearing the same outfit as that girl standing by the lamp? Yeah, I don’t like that feeling either. At least you know that your salt and pepper containers will be a bit different than your friend’s, (because she’s buying a pair too).

I just looked on her Etsy shop, and didn’t find her other gorgeous pottery. Luckily, I was at the fair to see all her beautiful bowls. They are organic, rustic, and modern looking. If you likey-likey, you must contact her to see what else she’s got.

Tiny Sparks – Renegade 1

Brad is a furniture maker by trade and loves his iPhone. He also teaches how to make furniture at the Academy of Art college in San Francisco. You think that’s hot? Well it is, but sorry ladies, this guy is taken! He is the creator and the “all of the above” behind Tiny Sparks Design.

First off, I must tell you that I’m often times turned off by pretentious people in the “indie” crowd. Let me re-phrase, I don’t like pretentious people, period. This guy was like a breath of fresh air and was just plain nice. It really showed how much he loves his craft. His simple yet eye catching designs are screen printed on wood, which are made into a variety of things like key holders, coat racks, and wood prints. My favorite piece was the Rain Cloud key holder. Something about rain clouds remind me of cozying up to a fire with a hot cup of tea. An activity that will never bore me.

By the way, I’m packing and moving in the next couple weeks. Hence the occasional absence here on the ol’ blog. It’ll be like this for a while, so please be patient. Moving is such a chore, but I’m so excited to be at our new home and tackle the pink room!

Name Posters

When I was preggers, we had a big long list of girl names. We thought we should have a list of boy names too, so we made one. That one was only had five names on it. When we finally decided on a name, it was a huge relief to us that our son wouldn’t be named, “Son”. These Name Posters from Romp are so neat! I love how their sister store has a Couples Poster too, because come on people… even after having kids, you still got to keep the love alive, right?