Red Creek Handmade


We have to consciously make an effort to put away our phones, iPads, and laptops in our home. My husband is a gadget-head and engineer, so we do have us some nifty techie gadgets laying around. For the past six months, I have been trying my best to tone down the iPhone and social media addiction by just putting it away. I still take pictures of food, outings, and of course, my kid, but have been posting a little less. When I go out to lunch with my friends, I swat my own hand away from my phone when I’m tempted to take pictures of food. (Unless it is totally mind blowing, I can’t help myself.)

So, when I run into something handmade, made to order, made with care, and nostalgic, it stops me in my tracks. My life halts for a brief moment as I look in awe and appreciate the past life. I can’t imagine what life would be like if we didn’t have little reminders to just turn it off.

Red Creek Handmade stopped me in my tracks and Katie’s designs reminded me of all the wonderful things that my amazing mother-in-law made for all of her kids when they were young. These are pieces that you keep forever and pass down to the next generation.


An outfit or a piece or two would be nice to have for keepsakes. I am so thankful for my mother-in-law, (my mom purges everything and does not make or has kept anything), for many special items that I have tucked away in a very safe place. It’s nice to take them out sometimes and get all gooey and gushy over them. How the time flies, and my baby isn’t a baby anymore.

RedCreekHandmade4{All images by Red Creek Handmade}



Hold You Me

I applaud people who are confident enough to pull off leggings. I had some major resistance to leggings when they first started becoming popular, but have now embraced the elastic, stretchy, and comfy goodness that they provide. My tops have to cover my seat though, because there is some serious self-loathing action going on with the flat butt situation I must contend with. Leggings on kids and babies are an obvious cute-overload winner, and I love these adorable leggings by Hold You Me 


Made with organic cotton, these leggings are soft, comfortable, and handmade by Jessica Gromlovits from Waxhaw, North Carolina. The Woodland themed leggings are my first pick, but they just about tied with all the other prints in her shop. 


{All images from Hold You Me}



Down Home Amy

Down Home Amy

I have one kid and don’t really see the second one coming any time soon. I do “goo” and “gaw” over some babies, and go a little crazy town when I see ever-so-cute baby items. My mission now, is to convince my friends and family to have kids so that I can have the awesome benefits of being an aunt.

When my little one hit 6 months, there was no end in sight to his constant drooling. He had to wear a bib all the time, which we nicknamed, Perma-Bib. We had a collection of 28 bibs, and wished that we had known about Down Home Amy‘s bibs for those special occasion days. Or any day for that matter!

Based in San Francisco, all of products are eco-friendly and made to order. Since I’m anxiously waiting for, um, everyone else but me to have a baby, these would make perfect gifts for the newbies.



Kira Kids


I attended Cat Seto’s Ferme A Papier store re-opening in February, and was enamored by all the beautifully curated items in her boutique. While I found many things for my walls, my home, and myself, I was excited to find these adorable t-shirts by Kira for my little guy. Inspired by her nephews, Christine designs modern and hip graphics for kids and babies in San Francisco. The bears and pinata’s are my favorite! What I love about her line, is that she offers equally fun designs for boys. You’ve heard me say it before, and I’ll say it again; I get so frustrated with the lack of stuff out there for boys. It’s always refreshing to see designers like Kira, taking the challenge to design for the little dudes. Mad props to you, Christine.


SONY DSC SONY DSC{All images from}

Sale Finds at Mini & Maximus

My little guy will be turning four in few months, and lucky for me, he still lets me dress him in clothes that I like. Don’t think that I’m not thankful for that, ’cause I am. I’m thanking my lucky stars right now until that dreaded day when he picks out his own clothes… no matter how filthy or worn out they are. One of the lines that I like to stalk is Mini and Maximus. It’s a hipster clothing line for kids and yes, I like it. I like the illustrations, I like the leggings, I like the shirts, I like it all. And get this… some of my favorite prints are on sale!



Elias & Grace


There are days where I look at my little guy and wish he was 8 months old again. I usually look upon those days when we have a terrible-two tantrum moment. For me, that time was the “Golden Baby Time.” He was animated, could sit up on his own, go wherever I went, slept through the night, and had the major baby chubs. So, I am looking back at all those cute baby clothes and lookie what I found.Elias & Grace not only have cute baby clothes, they have clothes for your little girls and boys too.


Missing in Action

Ok, I have sooo been missing from this blog. As the little one gets older, the less time I have! Gone are the days where he slept all day. Plus, I’m keeping busy doing other things like, work, helping with weddings, the Lolli Jewelry line, and trying to find music jobs that don’t exist anymore because of harsh budget cuts. (I shake my finger at you, US government, for not caring about education!) But I have thought about the ol’ blog. Haha, I know, not the same. I ran across this little suitcase from Smallable and had to share. I’ve been thinking about traveling with the little guy this summer and this caught my eye. When he outgrows it, I can use it for, um, me. Although he’s not really into flowers, I’ll probably get him the stripes version. I wonder if this little suitcase comes with a step-by-step guide on how to go on a road trip with a two year old. That would be helpful.


My little boy is almost 20 months old and will be two years old this June. Definitely not a baby anymore and I must say, I do miss my chubby baby. But with every age/stage (thus far), there have been new phases that I love and adore. He is now singing along to the songs we have sung to him a million times, and even does the hand motions. Okay, so this baby blanket from PataPri is bringing me back to the good ol’ baby days. I hear you laughing because it wasn’t that long ago, but I already miss it!
Anyway, this material is awesome. I have two burp cloths made of this material and it is so soft. Soft like cotton clouds, and a blanket that you want to sleep with yourself. None of that microfiber fabric crap here, so it won’t give you static shock each time you touch it.


Okay, so we really aren’t into the whole Black Friday thing. We just don’t like standing in long lines and dealing with a ton of people looking for parking. We’d rather eat leftovers at home by the cozy fire and get fat. So, in the spirit of not having a sale on Black Friday, we decided to have one after. So, LOLLI is having a holiday sale! We’re giving 30% off the entire purchase until Monday, the 29th! Just enter the coupon code: thanks

Custom Silhouette Necklace

We’re excited to introduce our Custom Silhouette Necklace in our LOLLI line. The one shown above is one I did for my little one year old son. The pendant comes on either 14k gold filled or sterling silver pendants that are 1/2″ in diameter, and chain lengths are 16.5″. You send us a picture of your child, and we will draw it up for you. Pick a border and voila! A custom necklace of your loved one. I added a blue topaz stone to mine. You can order a birthstone to go with your necklace as well. We will be able to do silhouettes of your pets too! I’ll post the one I did for our dog, Nigel, soon.

You will be able to purchase these in our Etsy shop, or you can email us at: info(at) or convo us on Etsy if you have any questions.

Introducing LOLLI

I am in a collaboration with two other designers for a new jewelry line for moms and kids. Even after having my son, I keep adding projects to my To-Do list. Call me crazy for adding projects, but I just love our new line of jewelry! Plus, I do most of the work during my baby’s power nap… he’s down to one…. and it lasts 2.5-3 hours. I gotsta get things done now before his naps get shorter!! Our shop is open, so come and visit our Etsy store at

Illustrations are done by Jacinta Sue and myself. Jewelry and silhouette necklaces were designed by Carrie Saxl. All materials are made of sterling silver or 14k gold fill. Yes, it’s handmade, so it was made here and made especially for you. The cool ink process was developed by Carrie, and captures all the detail and colors of all the illustrations!

I’ll probably write up more descriptions about it later, but for now, this little owl is gonna go to sleep!

Squirrel Silhouette

Nesting Dolls. Wear matching ones with your little one!

Friends Necklace. Birdie and kitty are best pals.

Squirrel charms

Antique Key Charm Necklace

Amie Birthstone Charm Necklace

What a Dapper Idea!

My toddler is average in height and his head is big. His weight, however, is a little below average. I make EVERYTHING for this kid and he just doesn’t like eating. Where does he get this from? I hate to say, but it’s me. I was a super picky eater when I was a little one. This is pretty surprising because there is nothing I won’t eat now…. sigh… stretchy pants. Anyway, the little guy has pants that fit him in length, but not in the waist! These little belts from Dapper Snappers are brilliant. It’s also comforting to know that there are other moms out there with my same problem. Picky-eater-syndrome. bah!

Break My Ache

Right after I delivered the little guy, my body started to ache. I thought that all those aches and pains during pregnancy would go away, but the aches came in different places. My hands, my shoulders, and my knees are those of 65 year old. I went to see the doc and they said that my body’s hormones are what’s doing it. And now that I stopped nursing a couple months ago, the hormones are acting up again. My face broke out in zits and pimples, and man, can I get moody! So, with a face of a 13 year old and the body of a 65 year old, I decided it was time to get a backpack. All the diaper bags and handbags over one shoulder is killing me. I’ll probably only use it when I go out with the little guy, (which will be quite often), but now the backpack will help my 65 year old shoulders, and go with my 13 year old pimple face.

I like this small backpack from Fjallraven. I ordered the mini one in blue because I like the contrast with the red logo. Plus, the little guy can use the mini backpack for when he goes to preschool! For a bigger backpack, this red one from The Herschel Supply Co. is super cool.

Oh, and by the way, we moved in to our new house. The unpacking is still happening, but I feel that life may go back to normal by Thanksgiving ;) Hopefully. Well, that’s my goal…..ummmm yeah. So, hopefully I’ll be popping in to the ol’ blog again!

Menagerie of Rings

When I actually wear them, (my hands are usually bare because I teach piano), my little one loves to play with my rings. He’s a pretty active baby, so it’s REALLY nice when he can just sit on my lap while peering and poking at my rings. That’s why I love these Menagerie rings from Carrie Saxl. Look out for them because they’ll be coming soon! This is just another way for me to get my baby to sit still for 3 minutes. Well… and mommy needs something nice too, ya know.

Pure Baby

So, baby and I are housebound with colds. This is the nastiest one we’ve had so far. Runny noses, coughs, and no appetite. What a bummer. But, amongst the snot, drool, and coughs, there is a sweet part to it all. As I lay on the floor with blankets and toys all around, (and very much lethargic), my little guy crawls up and gives me hugs. We just kind of lay on the ground being pathetic together… it’s pretty sweet. This has nothing to do with this adorable Colour-Me-In t-shirt I found from Pure Baby, but I guess I’m just fishing for sympathy points ;) And folks, this is one company that ships internationally. yay for us! If you aren’t into that, then just buy some fabric crayons, a plain onesie, and customize your own. See, we all win!

School is Almost Out for Summer

Oh snap, look at these adorable swimsuits from Velvet and Tweed. I can’t wait for summer to begin. The kids at school have spring fever and are driving me a little nuts. I’m sure I’m driving them nuts too with all this, “You guys gotta practice!” talk. Can’t wait to put our little guy in these shorts and go to his first beach outing!

Modern Bean

At the baby playgroup last week, a little girl was wearing the cutest hair clip. Looked sort of like these from Modern Bean. She has so many designs, you’ll be sure to find the perfect one for your baby or toddler!

Tomo and Edie

When I was a kid, I hated having my hair tied back because my ears stuck out, (Will Smith style…yeah, not fun for a little girl). But I loved hair accessories and collected them anyway and I would have definitely loved to have these beautiful clips from Tomo and Edie. These lovely hair clips are made of vintage kimono silk are in the shape of Japanese plum blossoms.


So after having a baby, I have to work on my, what I call, ‘the dough’. It has a mind of its own and goes in every direction. You can’t tell I have ‘the dough’ when you see me from the back. It lives in the front where baby Ben used to be. So while I work on ‘the dough’, my eye go towards A-lines and loose fitting clothes. I love this dress by Modaspia. Would look so cute in the fall too with a cardigan and some boots. Plus, it has pockets! Any dress with pockets gets an extra 25 points from me. And for you “mommy and me” mommies, how cute are the blouses below?

Vegetables ARE Good For You

I just bought this pirate onesie from Red Prairie Press last weekend. Our little man prefers his fruits to his vegetables, so I thought that by wearing this t-shirt and through osmosis, he would eat his peas and carrots. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, “Dream on.” Well, a girl can dream, can’t she?

T-shirt Uniforms?

Ok, I laughed out loud when I saw these t-shirts from Pipperoos. They remind me of the tuxedo t-shirts.  Yay or Nay? Whether or not you like it, I’m sure there are tons of little kids out there that would just looooooove to have this.

Stella for Gap

Alright, I love Stella McCartney. That said, I have to say that I wasn’t really into the Stella McCartney line for Gap Kids last season. But I’m glad to see the new Spring line and am digging the new threads. I love the blue top below, and think it would be super cute with the sailor shorts!


I can’t get enough of Scandinavian designs. Find cute prints at Smafolk for your little one….

and for mama too! Check out their website because they have the cutest illustrations on there that will make anyone smile.


I was ecstatic when I saw the Destination: Korea line at Tea Collection. I love this company even more now! So awesome that they can incorporate cool cultural designs and make it look modern instead of… dare I say…. FOB-y. I am in love with the pink Jogakbo and the graphic Pojagi dress below. UGH, I want, I want, I want! In my size, my size, my size!

And oh how I remember my mom yelling, “Ga-ja, Ga-ja!… Bba-li, bbali!” when I was a kid.  I have such a huge appreciation for this Gaja Gaja t-shirt.