Bedroom Round Two

pinkroom{Before picture : The pink room}

When we moved into our house, our son’s bedroom had pink walls and rose colored carpet. He had just turned one and none of us were big fans of the color choices in this room. This was the easiest painting job since we didn’t care about the carpet and finished within a few hours. The image below is what happened after we painted the pink walls and replaced the rose carpet.

IMG_5719{Before picture: The baby room}

Over the years, the furniture moved around and we replaced the crib with a bed. As I came to terms that my kid is going to start elementary school this year, I decided that we needed to de-baby-fy his room. I kept some of the baby stuff, like the stuffed elephant from his first birthday made by his grandma, his baby book, and maybe a few other things that I snuck in there to ease my “my kid is growing up so fast” mind. I realized that with my crickety body, the thought of repainting his room in a few years was not an option. We wanted to choose a neutral color, and ended up painting it the same color as our wall in our dining room.

bed-corner{After picture}

I still need to hang the curtains and find a bed frame for him, but wanted to snap a few pictures before he destroyed it. It only takes minutes for the Lego’s to be thrown all over the floor making it a safety hazard for all grown adults. Even though I said in an earlier post that I wanted to stay away from gray, I ended up with it anyway. Mostly because we had the color in our house already, and we didn’t want to fuss around between that color and white. I used Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore. We just had an earthquake in our area, so I tacked everything down securely and also added adhesive putty to all the hanging pictures. Our son’s painting and Boba Fett are hung without frames with putty and washi tape.

bed1My son was on board with me most of the time as long as I had a picture of Boba Fett on the wall. The only thing he wouldn’t let me change, was his lamp. Since we got rid of most of the green in his room, he wanted to keep the one thing that had his dad’s favorite color on it. I grudgingly complied. For now. (Tapping my fingers together like Mr. Burns moment.)




IMG_8927{All images by Nancy Cho for Uncle Owly}


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