The 5th Birthday Party


I think that I’m getting birthday party burn out. Strike that… I KNOW that I’m getting birthday party burnout. Already you say? Yeah, I hear you, this mama better shape up because there are many more to come. I am late sending out the invites, I was almost late in reserving a bouncy house, and now I’m racking my brain for all the other little details. It’s been procrastination city in my head. But maybe we won’t fret over the details this time. Maybe we will just fret over the food – cause we love food in this house, and making sure the kids have fun. We decided to have it at home this year so that we could remind ourselves to have it somewhere else next year.



On the upside, our little man decided to have a Fantastic Mr. Fox themed birthday party. This did lift up my spirits as we are big fans of Roald Dahl, and big fans of Wes Anderson. I decided to go rustic with this one and paint the heading. It’s much more difficult than writing with, let’s say, a pen or a calligraphy pen. Also, painting words with watercolor made me lose my ability to spell.


I did however, manage to paint the fox and be fairly happy with the result. I’ve never used watercolors before, so I had to quickly Google, “How to watercolor.” I wasn’t even going to go there with the hands fearing that it would frighten children and look mutant-like, so I cropped the very bottom of the fox in the invitation. I’m also not that good at drawing, so I ain’t gonna lie – I traced just the outline of the head from some other fox image I found online.  But I did have to free-hand the rest and paint it in. You should’ve seen my other fox… it looked like a dog.

Now I guess I’ll put stamps on them and mail them out today. Or tomorrow. ;)

{All images by Uncle Owly – Nancy Cho}


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