Down Home Amy

Down Home Amy

I have one kid and don’t really see the second one coming any time soon. I do “goo” and “gaw” over some babies, and go a little crazy town when I see ever-so-cute baby items. My mission now, is to convince my friends and family to have kids so that I can have the awesome benefits of being an aunt.

When my little one hit 6 months, there was no end in sight to his constant drooling. He had to wear a bib all the time, which we nicknamed, Perma-Bib. We had a collection of 28 bibs, and wished that we had known about Down Home Amy‘s bibs for those special occasion days. Or any day for that matter!

Based in San Francisco, all of products are eco-friendly and made to order. Since I’m anxiously waiting for, um, everyone else but me to have a baby, these would make perfect gifts for the newbies.




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