One of the places on my “go-visit” list, is Austin, Texas. It seems that that this city has flourished in the arts, culture, and food movement over the past ten years. And if you live in Austin, you can find MAKEatx, a member based workshop that offers a laser cutting machine, sewing machines, silk-screening equipment, and other high and low tech equipment to help create your project. You can sign up to be a member to use their facilities, and they also offer classes for the newbies.

For those who do not live in Austin, we can enjoy the many creations that come from this workshop. One of my favorite designs are these fun and sleek map puzzles by Steven Mattern. It’s a little too old for my little guy, but it would be cool for the older elementary kids or the genius babies.



But, the little guy and I have started playing Tic-Tac-Toe together. We started doing this while waiting for food at restaurants and played on napkins or butcher paper. These Tic-Tac-Toe kits from Joelle Felyce Geisler are a lot more engaging than playing on napkins, and easy to stuff in your bag to take around with you.



{Images from MAKEatx, Steven Mattern Design, and Joelle Felyce Geisler}



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