For the Boys

 For those of you have boys, have you noticed that there is a serious lack of stuff for boys out there? For instance, when I go to a place like Target, I find myself in a sea of girls clothes and am so disappointed to find maybe six racks dedicated to boys. Shoe stores will have maybe two rows for boys and about seventeen for girls. Some stores don’t even carry stuff for boys. Apparently, boys don’t need to get dressed or even try to look cute. If we read into this further, we can say that society is already training little girls to shop. That there is a lack of things for boys because boys and men don’t need that stuff to be validated. (I hope you’re getting my sarcasm at this point.) Anyway, point is, there is a lack of stuff for boys.

I was super surprised to see this little Etsy shop by Mates & Rubbish, carrying a Customized Birthday Boy Cupcake Topper for boys. I looked around for the girl one, but did not find it! I’m sure they have one or can make one for the little girls too. But for once, I finally felt like this was one for just the boys.


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