What to do with Mirrored Doors and Walls

When we moved into our 80’s house, we knew that the house was due for an upgrade to present day. Our master bedroom has three sliding doors that were gi-normous. Not only that, they were mirrored closet doors, boo! I searched and searched for a solution that did not involved installing custom doors because of our budget. Plus, custom closet doors can run you thousands of dollars, especially the size that we needed. So, the handy hubby decided to take the mirrors out and replace it with plywood. We painted it and thought, “Hey, we can put wallpaper up!” Did you know that wallpaper is expensive? Well, at least the kind that I liked. I actually did know about this amazing vinyl wallpaper that can hang over mirrored walls and doors, but since the price wasn’t right, I nixed that too. So, I decided to go with stenciling. UNTIL, I found this awesome deal at ModCloth for temporary wallpaper made out of vinyl. It’s from a company called, Tempaper. I guess we could have kept the mirrors in the end, but if we ever get sick of this wallpaper, at least we know that there won’t be mirrors underneath. Think of it as high end contact paper. Yup, contact paper. But it’s a lot sturdier, nicer, and the patterns are great.

It took about a roll and a half to finish the doors. Now I want to line my cupboards with them. Not really kid related entry, but hey, Tempaper has some very cute wallpaper patterns for kids rooms too! So when your kid decides that he or she is not two years old anymore, you can rip that sucker off in no time.

Here’s the AFTER:


2 thoughts on “What to do with Mirrored Doors and Walls

    • thanks, skipee! i’ll admit that almost anything would’ve been better than those awful mirrors.

      by the way, i checked out your website and your photos are AMAZING!

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