Missing in Action

Ok, I have sooo been missing from this blog. As the little one gets older, the less time I have! Gone are the days where he slept all day. Plus, I’m keeping busy doing other things like, work, helping with weddings, the Lolli Jewelry line, and trying to find music jobs that don’t exist anymore because of harsh budget cuts. (I shake my finger at you, US government, for not caring about education!) But I have thought about the ol’ blog. Haha, I know, not the same. I ran across this little suitcase from Smallable and had to share. I’ve been thinking about traveling with the little guy this summer and this caught my eye. When he outgrows it, I can use it for, um, me. Although he’s not really into flowers, I’ll probably get him the stripes version. I wonder if this little suitcase comes with a step-by-step guide on how to go on a road trip with a two year old. That would be helpful.


2 thoughts on “Missing in Action

  1. glad to see you back to blogging~ i missed your posts! if you figure out any good tips on taking a road trip with a two-year-old please share! =P

    • thanks! i like blogging, but i also tend to get easily caught up in daily life with a 23 month old that is in his “terrible two’s” stage. i’ve asked some parents about the road trip and so far i’ve been given two tips.
      1. benedryl
      2. dvd player

      haha, has life resorted to this?!!

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