Richard Lampert

I love interesting designs for children. Yeah, kids grow up fast and you probably won’t use a lot of the stuff for very long, but it still makes things look good around the house. I’ve spoken to many veteran parents who tell me that they are so happy that their kids are older and that the crap around the house is gone. You know what they’re talking about. The plastic toys that won’t shut up, the colorful stuffed animals that look like they were invented by a dude on shrooms, and all the Barney, Mickey Mouse, and E-l-m-o (we must spell his name or we pay the price), that are scattered around in your living room, your kitchen, your family room, your bathroom, and your bedroom. This is why it is refreshing for me to look upon designs such as these from Richard Lampert, a modern, furniture designer from Germany. If you like his pieces, you’ll also appreciate that his children’s furniture blend in with the entire line. Which in return, will blend in with the things in your home. Ahhhh, and that, my friends, is a dream that may come true in another life for me… wink with tongue sticking out ;p


2 thoughts on “Richard Lampert

  1. Are you aware of any way to buy these products in the US? Thanks for you post, totally agree with the sentiment of buying things that will stand the test of time even when the kids are grown.

    • Sorry for the oh-so-very-late reply! I have searched and cannot find a source for the US. Have you had any luck? I’d contact the company directly and see what they say. Let me know if you find anything, I’m very curious!

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