For the Music Lovers

My first love is music. Yeah, cheesy as that sounds, it’s true. I even have a Master’s degree in it. Yup, a music nerd from the inside out. I’m so ecstatic that Julia Rothman designed this Opera Play Theater for Kid O. One of my friend’s husband asked if I actually like opera. Yes, I will confess that I actually do. But, as much of a music lover as I am, I can’t sit in an uncomfortable seat with little leg room and listen to an opera that goes on for 3+ hours. The music and plot has to be REALLY GOOD for me and my flat butt to handle that. Maybe if I had a play set like this, I can play with it at my seat to keep me entertained. I’m sure I’d get a lot of dirty looks from people from the opera house. Even from those in the nose bleed seats. Oh well, I guess it’s no Wagner for me.

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