De-80-fying Our 80’s Home

Remember I said that I have lots of projects going on? How do I do this with my one year old, you ask? Well, I have to admit that he’s a pretty awesome kid. I know that it is a possibility that that could change when the “terrible twos” hit, but I’m soaking in every moment with him now! I make it up to him by taking him to the park everyday.

We moved into our 1985 home a couple months ago and we are so happy we’re finally here. We have a lot more space and a yard for the little one and our dog to run around and get into trouble. With a very limited budget, we have the challenge now of DE-80-fying our home. I appreciate some of the music that came out of the 80’s, but other than that, I don’t appreciate anything else that came out of the 80’s. The clothing, the hair, and most of all, the architecture!! Why did we choose a 1980’s house? Because we live in the SF Bay Area, and it’s ridiculously expensive out here. We didn’t want to compromise on space and location to the city, so here we are. But we’re hopeful, because this home and neighborhood have a great vibe.

What we can afford… Paint. We immediately started with the kitchen cabinets. Let me tell you, it was a big pain to paint these, but in the end, I’m so glad we did. You MUST use oil-based paints for kitchen cabinets. It’s a horrid paint to work with, but you’ll be sorry if you don’t. Next up, we took down the grandma window curtains and left the blinds. We are still trying to figure out what to put up in its place. Lastly, we bought Ikea flooring and installed it over the ugly laminate. Still have to put in the trim around the floor and work out some minor details, but voila! A kitchen that is slowly leaving the 80’s for $700 bucks.


and one more BEFORE, just in case you didn’t get the idea. A great shot of the floors…

And NOW…


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