Introducing LOLLI

I am in a collaboration with two other designers for a new jewelry line for moms and kids. Even after having my son, I keep adding projects to my To-Do list. Call me crazy for adding projects, but I just love our new line of jewelry! Plus, I do most of the work during my baby’s power nap… he’s down to one…. and it lasts 2.5-3 hours. I gotsta get things done now before his naps get shorter!! Our shop is open, so come and visit our Etsy store at

Illustrations are done by Jacinta Sue and myself. Jewelry and silhouette necklaces were designed by Carrie Saxl. All materials are made of sterling silver or 14k gold fill. Yes, it’s handmade, so it was made here and made especially for you. The cool ink process was developed by Carrie, and captures all the detail and colors of all the illustrations!

I’ll probably write up more descriptions about it later, but for now, this little owl is gonna go to sleep!

Squirrel Silhouette

Nesting Dolls. Wear matching ones with your little one!

Friends Necklace. Birdie and kitty are best pals.

Squirrel charms

Antique Key Charm Necklace

Amie Birthstone Charm Necklace


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