Back To School

Kids have been in school for a while now. I just started teaching this month for the music class program in Oakland. One of my old students came to say “hello” to me this week and the first thing I asked her was, “Are you still playing piano?” Come on, this is what piano teachers do. She raised her shoulders, smiled, clutched her bag and said, “No.”
Disappointed? A little. But really, I’m just happy that she came to visit me. School is back in session!

So, of course, the ABC Board I found from this cute online store called, Present and Correct caught my teacher’s eye.  I never used a School Satchel like the one shown below when I went to regular school, but had a similar one to when I went to Korean school. I would totally make my students wear this if I could. In all different colors too. Can’t you see it now?




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