The Classics

Ok, so I like to get wood toys for our little guy and I like buying things from small boutiques or independent artists. But, sometimes I wonder why I even try so hard when the little guy just loves to play with this Fisher Price Popper at daycare. Apparently, this is his favorite toy and will push it for hours. I suppose I try because there are lots more to see outside the corporate junkie box! I hope that he’ll learn that in time. He will. It might take 30 years, but hey, he will.

Oh the ol’ classics. Just can’t deny them. Check out what these used to look like!


One thought on “The Classics

  1. Love it! I remember playing with the bottom version when I was little :) I’ve actually been shopping vintage shops looking for some of the same toys I grew up with for Charlie and I had forgotten about this one! Thanks for the reminder :)

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