Munaluna :: last of Renegade… i think…

I am a nerd. I was in band and jazz band when I was in elementary, middle, and high school. When I saw Munaluna’s booth, I thought, “Those are cute tea towels.” The paper is cute too… HALT. WHAT? Plushy robots?! I don’t care what you say, but robots are awesome. And now that Meredith Cheng has made them plushy, they can be cuddly, huggable robots. Hewoooo wobot fwend!


3 thoughts on “Munaluna :: last of Renegade… i think…

  1. Hello there!

    I just stumbled across your blog :) This is Meredith, the robot and owl lady! It’s funny how you recently posted about last Renegade – we just vended at the Renegade Holiday fair this past weekend!!! The robots of course were a huge hit and were a sell out!!! munaluna will always be making cutie robots if ever you decide to get a robot addition to your home :)

    all the best,
    Meredith :)

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