Break My Ache

Right after I delivered the little guy, my body started to ache. I thought that all those aches and pains during pregnancy would go away, but the aches came in different places. My hands, my shoulders, and my knees are those of 65 year old. I went to see the doc and they said that my body’s hormones are what’s doing it. And now that I stopped nursing a couple months ago, the hormones are acting up again. My face broke out in zits and pimples, and man, can I get moody! So, with a face of a 13 year old and the body of a 65 year old, I decided it was time to get a backpack. All the diaper bags and handbags over one shoulder is killing me. I’ll probably only use it when I go out with the little guy, (which will be quite often), but now the backpack will help my 65 year old shoulders, and go with my 13 year old pimple face.

I like this small backpack from Fjallraven. I ordered the mini one in blue because I like the contrast with the red logo. Plus, the little guy can use the mini backpack for when he goes to preschool! For a bigger backpack, this red one from The Herschel Supply Co. is super cool.

Oh, and by the way, we moved in to our new house. The unpacking is still happening, but I feel that life may go back to normal by Thanksgiving ;) Hopefully. Well, that’s my goal…..ummmm yeah. So, hopefully I’ll be popping in to the ol’ blog again!


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