Tiny Sparks – Renegade 1

Brad is a furniture maker by trade and loves his iPhone. He also teaches how to make furniture at the Academy of Art college in San Francisco. You think that’s hot? Well it is, but sorry ladies, this guy is taken! He is the creator and the “all of the above” behind Tiny Sparks Design.

First off, I must tell you that I’m often times turned off by pretentious people in the “indie” crowd. Let me re-phrase, I don’t like pretentious people, period. This guy was like a breath of fresh air and was just plain nice. It really showed how much he loves his craft. His simple yet eye catching designs are screen printed on wood, which are made into a variety of things like key holders, coat racks, and wood prints. My favorite piece was the Rain Cloud key holder. Something about rain clouds remind me of cozying up to a fire with a hot cup of tea. An activity that will never bore me.

By the way, I’m packing and moving in the next couple weeks. Hence the occasional absence here on the ol’ blog. It’ll be like this for a while, so please be patient. Moving is such a chore, but I’m so excited to be at our new home and tackle the pink room!

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