School Lunch


I’m a huge foodie. It’s the reason why I have so many problems with my weight and for my jiggly abs. Apparently, I can go on a strict diet if someone else’s life depended on it, (like when I was preggers and got GD), but not that big of a motivation when it comes to my life depending on it. Weird, huh? But I do think about eating good and healthy foods. I just eat too much!

I’m curious as to what my kid will be given for lunch when he starts school. It may be that this mama will be busy making lunches everyday. It’s fascinating to me to see what school lunchrooms look like around the world.



France (yes folks, those are mussels and a whole artichoke. yum.)



2 thoughts on “School Lunch

  1. Having taught in American public schools for the last five years, I’d say that the example you gave of the typical US lunch is accurate. Sad though, isn’t it? Look at the other countries…the food is so fresh, varied, and colorful. Our lunches are bits of beige with maybe a side salad (half frozen) covered in ranch dressing. Of course, one could always argue that there are countries whose students scrape by with canned sardines and rice. However, we are far from being a third-world nation, and it’s a shame that our children are fed this battered, baked, and fried goop.

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