Smiling Planet

My baby, I mean toddler, is starting to eat off his plate. Well, I don’t know if he knows that he’s really doing that. If your kids is like mine, he needs to be extremely distracted in order to eat. The kid won’t eat if he is too concentrated on just the food. Distract him, and he will open wide. So we’re going for the plates with cute little designs on them. For some reason, the smaller the design, the more he focuses and zero’s in on the image. Amazing. Moral of the story? It doesn’t have to be loud to be distracting.

These cute plates from Smiling Planet are BPA free, earth friendly, and non toxic. I love the illustrations and the cute little messages.


One thought on “Smiling Planet

  1. Those are really cute and simple. Love the designs. My Daughter is the same way, she has to be focusing on something else to eat or it’s time for mess city or for the food to go anywhere but the mouth.

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