Benjamin’s Dol

We had Ben’s Chut-Dol party at my aunt’s house. She has a lot of furniture, so it was hard to arrange things to put the head table. We ended up putting it in the middle of a room, which isn’t ideal, but it had to work. The shot above is one of the few taken of my hubby, baby, and I together. Can you believe that we forgot to take more photos as a family? Eesh, these parties can be hectic! But we had lots of fun and ate lots of good food. That’s what it’s all about, right?!

My mother ordered a HUGE ddeuk cake. It was beyond enormous. It didn’t fit in with my table scheme plan, but I let her put it on the table anyway. What can I say but two words… Korean grandma.

However, our friend and photographer from Shades of Beautiful Photography took a picture with the cake I made for Benjamin in the middle of the Dol-Goh-ims like I envisioned before the set up was changed by all the Korean “Ah-jum-ah’s”. You can still see the enormous “Ddeuk” cake. That thing weighed 30 pounds and I was afraid that it was going to swallow us up, “Aaaai-gooo!” Note that all the good photos were taken by him and I took the “other” ones. I’d like to share more of the photos, but maybe in another post! And by the way, how in the world do you spell “ddeuk” in english?

I liked decorating the raffle table the most. It was simple and the easiest thing to do. The stuffed elephants were made by my amazing Mother-in law. The green represented daddy, the pink represented mommy, and the blue was baby. The elephants were also on tables as center pieces and the babies who came to the party got to take them home with them. The blue fabric from the baby elephant was used as table runners and was also used as the bunting flags that was scanned in to make things easier.

After getting used to his surrounding for about an hour, Benjamin finally picked up the pencil and the money. Poor guy was a little freaked out because he just woke up from his nap to see all these people surrounding him.

We set up a “photo booth” for people to take pictures. I have a feeling that this booth idea will be in every party we have from now on because I just loved it. I made the back drop out of two fabric panels and there were decorations that were attached to it. The mustaches and lips were made of scrapbook paper and heavy cardboard in between.

Remember the awesome Poms that I won from Pom Love? I wish I ordered more of them and just had them everywhere. They are so much more beautiful in person, but very difficult to photograph for me!

I think I focused on so many details at this event that there’s just too much to post! i.e. the favor bag, (pictured in previous post with Benjamin eating cake), was filled with Asian goodies and I put a label on it that matched the whole paper scheme, and the Chopsticks and napkin rings. Oh well, we’ll just have to have more birthday parties. In the meantime, I’m taking a break!


12 thoughts on “Benjamin’s Dol

  1. I LOVE it! you did a good job mama, everything is so cute and Benjamin is adorable in his hanbok (is the male one still called a hanbok?)

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  3. i hope you reply to this, the big balloons really draw the eye vs the normal balloon clusters, WHERE did you find them?? i love them!

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