First Birthday

The first birthday, chut-dol, dol-janchi, shi-bang, shin-dig, came and went last Saturday. I think I’m still recovering from it! We had some family emergencies this month, so I was seriously thinking about postponing the party since I did nothing this month to plan. But we made a last minute decision to keep the date and with the help from family and friends, we pulled it off. I was decorating and frosting cake up until the start time, and the rest… well… I think it went pretty well. A friend of ours took pictures, so I will post those up when we get it. In the meantime, I have a few photos of the party on my camera. A very LITTLE few. Stay tuned for uploads! oh yeah, and see that little prize bag in the background of the picture? That was the whole theme for the party.


3 thoughts on “First Birthday

  1. I was wondering if the party was soon and how it went! I am glad everything went A-ok and I am excited to see more pictures you little one is super cute!!! I also love the design of the bag and cannot wait to see more.

    • well, all i can say is, it went! like i said, it was thrown together last minute, but i’m happy we had it last saturday. it seems like a total blur to me, so i can’t wait to see the pictures. i love the pictures of your little one that your photographer took!

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