Dol Part 1 :: Designing the Paper Stuff

Ready for a total DIY party? Cause that’s what this girl opted to do for this Dol event. I chose the elephant theme because of this darling crib banner that my mother in-law made for my husband when he was a baby. Then I found this elephant punch from Martha Stewart and took off from there. I designed the invitation with the elephant theme and incorporated the traditional Korean stripes on the bottom edge. The pictures do not do the colors justice. I just took horrible pictures for this round… sorry!

Next up, I made little booklets that explained some of the Korean traditions for the first birthday. It was fun for the non-Koreans to read and fun for me to research!

Here’s the poster I designed and printed at Costco. The color and quality of the poster was great and it was printed on a board for $10, what a deal!  I made the raffle tickets and printed them on card stock. Then punched two holes on the sides and used a perforated blade for the top portion so people could tear it off to enter into the raffle.

For party favors, I baked cookies with the help of hubby and mother in-law. We used the Message in a Cookie Cutter set from Williams Sonoma. Love this cookie cutter!

And what’s a party without cupcakes?? I baked a lemon filled and carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. I can eat these forever.

We only had one kid show up, (the rest were babies), so I had lots and lots of extras of these “Color Me” bags that I made for kids to color. Oh well, I’ll just hand them out later.


13 thoughts on “Dol Part 1 :: Designing the Paper Stuff

  1. I love all your paper products! You should really go into business. Would you be interested in designing something for my son’s dol in august?

    • hey jen, thanks! i’m not a real graphic designer, therefore, i don’t really know how to put things in vector form for the printers. just do everything in jpeg and print things out myself. but what did you have in mind?

  2. How about making more of the same stuff? We can just change the name. You can either print everything out for me or send me the file and I can have it printed…whatever you prefer.

    • which paper stuff? the invitations? depending on how many you need, i might be able to help with that part. the raffle tickets were a little more of a pain because i had to type in each number for every ticket. so depending on how many you need, i don’t know if i’ll have time to do the raffle tickets. also, the booklets also required some work, so bc i ran out of time, i only made a few for the “non-korean” folk. i did cut out everything myself on my paper cutter and that can take a lot of work. are you up for it?

      i’m just a little nervous on taking on a project since we’re moving soon and we haven’t packed a thing in our house. otherwise, i’d totally be willing to design stuff for you!

  3. Hi There! What an amazing job! I am trying to figure out on how to make raffle tickets and would love your help. What program are you using to create the design?

    • there’s only one size, and i got it at Michael’s. It’s the Martha Stewart elephant punch. I scanned and traced it into photoshop to make the different sizes. Hope that helps!

  4. Hi! I love everything you put together (and the fact that you did it all yourself).

    I’m currently in the midst of planning my daughter’s dol and was hoping you wouldn’t mind sharing the booklet you created for your non-Korean guests. I’m half Korean so I have a LOT of non-Korean guests. Thank you!

    • Thanks so much! Wow, it all seems so long ago now. Planning the dol got a little stressful at times, but then it was so much fun in the end. I looked for my booklet and I can only find the word document file of the info that I put inside the booklet. Would that help you? I think I reformatted it to make mini booklets. Email me at uncleowly(@)gmail(dot)com if you want the file. thanks again!

      • Hi – I love your post! Would it be possible for you to share your booklet file or the word doc/invite that you put together? I have a dol party coming up for my little Daniel in November, and I’ve waited too long to start planning and I just came across your posting. my email is Thank you! Liz

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