Pure Baby

So, baby and I are housebound with colds. This is the nastiest one we’ve had so far. Runny noses, coughs, and no appetite. What a bummer. But, amongst the snot, drool, and coughs, there is a sweet part to it all. As I lay on the floor with blankets and toys all around, (and very much lethargic), my little guy crawls up and gives me hugs. We just kind of lay on the ground being pathetic together… it’s pretty sweet. This has nothing to do with this adorable Colour-Me-In t-shirt I found from Pure Baby, but I guess I’m just fishing for sympathy points ;) And folks, this is one company that ships internationally. yay for us! If you aren’t into that, then just buy some fabric crayons, a plain onesie, and customize your own. See, we all win!


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