So the other day, my husband walks in with this package and out comes this book. Ladies and gentlemen, this ain’t no ordinary board book. It is a birth announcement from none other, Lisa from Good On Paper. Apparently, because she put in so much work into it, (and didn’t realize that she wouldn’t have that much time after the baby was born…. go figure ;) ), only a few were sent out. I’m amazed that even one was sent out. (Shoot, people were lucky they even got an announcement from us! AND it was late!) So browse through the pictures and “ooooh” and “ahhh” like I did for hours.


3 thoughts on “OMG GOPD

    • oh yes, the dreaded baby book. i need to finish that before ben’s birthday!
      i have to keep everything lisa sends bc it’s too hard to throw away such cool stuff. even if it is a small “thank you” card!

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