Let The Crafts Begin!

Now that I have all my ideas down and finalized, I have to actually MAKE all the stuff for our baby’s first birthday. It’s gonna be “Nancy’s Little Sweatshop” in our home for two months. Started with these utensil bags for chopsticks. I bought some glassine bags and then designed a simple card to go inside. At the Korean market, I got a bag of 100 chopsticks for $2.63… I know, what a deal, right? Cut two slits on the card to slide in the chopsticks and voila! Cute chopsticks to match our little party theme. Works great with other utensil as well.

13 thoughts on “Let The Crafts Begin!

  1. I forgot to ask where did you get the elephant clipart? i was scouring the net for it before my daughters birthday and could not find it.

      • ahh your so crafty!! there is no way i could do that on my own. i am so excited to see how this party comes out!! as you can tell I am now obsessed with elephants!

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  3. I LOVE the chopsticks idea!! I’m going to use it for my wedding favors ^_^ I’ve been trying to figure out how to package the chopsticks for favors and these bags, along with the slotted card, is the PERFECT idea. Thanks so much!! You just saved my life!!

    • that’s great! I really loved the way the chopsticks turned out. I’ve also seen people put sparklers in them as a end of wedding send off!

      Let me know if you need any bags too and I can sell them to you.

      • Oh, that would be great! Do you have a lot to sell? I need about 450 bags =/ Also, what paper did you use for the card? Was it a printed card stock?

        Thanks so much!

      • I believe I do have 450 bags. When do you need it by? Unfortunately, they are packed away in one of my moving boxes. But, I do know which box it is in. Let me know what day you need it by and I’ll confirm with you.

        Yup, I printed it on card stock and cut them all with a paper cutter. If you’re planning to make 450, I think this would be a huge task. I got sick of making them after 45!

  4. I can imagine! Fortunately, this is where I get to use my bridal party to help me ^_^

    I don’t have a rush on the bags. My wedding is in December. However, if possible, and considering it will be a long (and tiring) task, I might want to get started on them early and make smaller batches at a time.

    How much would you be selling them for?

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