Cake Practice

Every year, my dad’s birthday is on a different day. My parents go by the lunar calendar, so as kids, (and I guess as adults as well), we never knew when their birthdays were. I found out two weeks ago that my dad’s birthday was past Saturday, so I was excited to work on my cake baking/decorating skills.  I made a three layer vanilla cake with buttercream.  I immediately realized that working with American Buttercream was a little bit harder to get completely smooth, unlike the decorator’s buttercream recipe I got from the class at Baking Arts. I also don’t like how sweet buttercream  is, so I’m now on the hunt for a frosting recipe that isn’t so sweet. Does anyone know what happens if you just put less sugar in buttercream frosting?

Inside the cake, I put in slices of  strawberries and used pink frosting so it looked super cute when we cut into it.  Should’ve taken a picture, but oh well. Shucks… I guess I’ll just have to bake another cake.

4 thoughts on “Cake Practice

  1. In Cook’s Illustrated’s, “The New Best Recipe” they have a chocolate frosting recipe that is not very sweet – it has a decidedly grown up flavor. I’m not sure if they had a white frosting recipe in there or not, but the chocolate was great!

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