Check Yourself

Lately, I definitely have had to check myself before I wrecked myself. Remember pregnancy brain? Forgetting stuff, drawing a blank, and just can’t seem to organize in your head like you used to? For me, it spilled over into Mommy Brain. I never really had to write down lists, but if I don’t do that now, I’m in serious trouble. I even forget to write a list! If you’re like me, you’ll appreciate cool stationery items that help you out. Meet Meg from Mateo Ilasco. She designs, she writes, she illustrates, and she’s also a mommy of two adorable and awesome kids. Her “To-Do” notepad is just so practical and efficient. Write down what you need to-do and next to it, you can write a list of things you need to get. Tear that sucker off and you’re out the door! And do I seriously need “Action” clips? Yes, yes I do. If it ain’t screaming right in front of me, it will get shoveled away. But I dunno, you might be one of those super human moms…. I know I ain’t!


One thought on “Check Yourself

  1. That is a really good idea. I have mommy brain too.. and lately it seems to be getting worse.. I thought when they got older it would have gotten better?

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