Vegan Cake Round 1

I take my cake decorating class next week, but I wanted to try out this vegan cake recipe I found online. We’ll be giving it to our son for his 1st birthday. I chose vegan because I didn’t want to shock his system with the eggs, cow’s milk, and whatever else they put in cakes these days at the store. Plus, I want to practice my baking skills.

Round 1:
This vegan cake frosting is pretty good. Not the best tasting buttercream I’ve ever had (ie..real butter. can’t beat real butter in my eyes), but it’s good. I got it from the book, Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World. The cake recipe I found on a blog. The cake. Well. It wasn’t tasty. It was super gooey and dense too. Yeah, my husband and I agreed that taste doesn’t really matter since we’ll be giving it to the birthday boy to eat, smash, and play with. But it wasn’t even fun to play with because it was so dense and hard! We stuck our fingers in it, we grabbed it, and we ended up with just a big, globby, doughy ball. So this cake recipe got a big ‘X’ from us. No need to share the recipe here.

I don’t have a real pastry bag, so I just played around with this cookie decorating set I got a Williams Sonoma. The thing is kind of a piece of poo, but it’s great for kids.

I went a little nuts…


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