A Pair. Yes, a Pair.

I think every parent knows that it is nearly impossible to keep track of baby socks.  Them darn things just keep falling off!  We were given a pack of Trumpette socks and guess what? We still have all six pairs. Yes folks… PAIRS. The baby has not been able to kick these little socks off his feet. Their new Skater Johnny Socks are so cute, but I wish they carried them in the bigger size. Our little guy has outgrown his 0-12 months and on to the next size already, so we went for the PeeWee argyle ones. I don’t know how they do it, but these are the only socks that stay on. I always get comments from other moms saying that the Trumpette socks are the only ones that worked for them too. It’s a flippin’ mystery.

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