Holiday Mayhem

So we’re back from the holidays.  The holidays is technically not even over yet since New Year’s is tomorrow.  But for us, it is over.  With busy schedules, traveling, and lots of visitors, our little guy just had enough.  He was overtired, over stimulated, and fussy, fussy, fussy.  Not to mention, the little dude reached his, “I’m not gonna poo for a while,” stage, so he was cranky as well.  We’re trying to get back to our routine so that he and we, can get some sleeeep!

I want to buy new blocks for the little guy so that we can play and build with them together.  Check out these blocks from House Industries. Now that our house is being taken over by baby, it’s refreshing to find toys and objects that are also pleasing to my eye!

2 thoughts on “Holiday Mayhem

    • Miralax, huh? I’ll have to get some for our medicine cabinet, thanks! He’s back to pooping now, thank goodness. I just wonder what the next stage will be….. teething perhaps? ack!

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