Nursing Bra’s

Oh, the nursing bra dilemma.  Or shall I say, “Oh, the nursing bra dilemma is solved!”

The problem that I have is a small band size, (almost a 32), and big twins, (C when they’re empty, a big D when they’re full). Most everything for the big boobs are for bigger band sizes, which equal NO SUPPORT.  I think I’ve bought 8 nursing bras.  Yes, 8 stupid bras that ride up in the back and give no support.  I mean come on, I’m not that old where the girlies need to be hanging near my belly button!

So, I bought three more bras from Bravado! Designs, and guess what, they freakin’ fit! The girls are lifted, there’s no underwire, and the bra’s look normal. They aren’t hideous like some other ones I’ve seen/bought. Are they a little pricey? Yeah, some are, but it’s so worth it. (I got theBody Silk Seamless one.) If I had just bought these three bra’s, I wouldn’t have wasted money on eight lame ones that are now sitting in my drawer.  I scowl at them when I walk pass them…hmph!


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