The First Road Trip

THE DRIVE: The six hour drive to Jacksonville, Oregon was great.  The baby slept almost the entire time.  BUT, we did have to pay the price that night.  Because he slept for nearly six hours straight, he didn’t eat anything.  Therefore, he woke up every 2-3 hours at night… brutal.  We then drove to Florence, Oregon, and that was another 3 hours away.  He was fine on the way there, but it was one and a half hours of crying on the way back… brutal.  Our way back home on Sunday was a perfect trip.  He stayed awake a played in the car the first hour, slept for two.  We took a lunch break for one hour together, and then he slept the rest of the way.  Lesson learned?  Yes.  Make sure baby is awake some of the times and eating.  Take breaks to make baby eat, or else he’ll be hungry at night!!

Jacksonville was beautiful and the visit with family was wonderful.  I wish we could’ve stayed longer so that we could check out the restaurants and little shops.  There are a few bed and breakfasts there for anyone who really wants to get away.  This historic town is so sweet and the surrounding landscape is breathtaking.  Next time, we’ll have to stay longer so that we can really check out the scene!

Our little guy played with some toys that his dad played with when he was a baby.  Check out that Carter’s rattle below!  (I focused on the rattle in this picture.)  It was his favorite toy and the noise it made was like a cowbell.   I love the colors on the key-ring toy below the rattle too.  So funny to think that the toys that we played with when we were kids are now VINTAGE… oh dear.

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