The Hunt is Over

So we finally got our new stroller. Once we decided that we need to buy at least three strollers, (a real jogger, a full size, and an umbrella), we cracked down on ourselves to actually buy them. The two finalist (after looking at 20 or so), were the Bugaboo and the Bumbleride. We spent two hours in the store testing out all the strollers, comparing, lifting, walking, steering, folding, and unfolding. My husband kept his eye on the Bugaboo because it’s so gear savvy, (he’s a gear head). But I also wanted practicality, ease, and cost effectiveness. After we exhausted ourselves and tired out most awesome salesman at Lullaby Lane, we picked one.

Surprisingly, instead of getting one of those strollers, we ended up getting the Baby Jogger City Mini. It’s 17 pounds, super easy to fold, and the maneuverability is great. That single bar thing is great…. I walked the dog in one hand and steered the stroller with the other yesterday. LOVE it. Big wheels to go over bumps, great suspension. And what the heck? The price was under $300!! Even better. But apparently, this City Mini is not a real jogger. They do have other models that are real joggers, but this is a fake jogger…. kinda like me.


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