Best and Stupid-est

Baby is four months now so I started cleaning out his 0-3 month stuff.   Upon going through all his STUFF, I realized that the best thing I ever bought was a Swaddle Me infant wrap.  Husband and I did become expert swaddlers, but it seemed to not be good enough.  With sleep deprivation and baby undoing our beautifully wrapped swaddle, we decided to buy the instant infant wrap.  Probably saved us hours of swaddling baby.  He can’t undo and get himself out of the thing and it’s so easy.

Now, the stupid-est thing I bought, (and am still all raw about), was a crib bumper.  Correction, TWO crib bumpers.  All for the sake of decorating his crib, I thought it would be great.  I ripped the sucker off last week and was so happy to see the crib all nice and clean without a bulky crib bumper wrapped around it.  What’s the use?  Infants don’t roll around bumping their heads.  And by the time they can, there’s controversy now that it can be a SIDS hazard.  Arg, what a waste.  Could’ve bought some cute clothes with that money.  Arg, arg, arg.  But I just had to buy them to decorate.  I guess it was worth it for that, right?  right?  I’m such a first time mom.

um… anyone want two crib bumpers?  they’re up for grabs!  haha!  seriously though….


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