The Hunt for a Stroller


We bought a stroller frame from MacLaren where you just put the carseat on top of it.  Super light, easy to fold, and you don’t have to take baby in and out of the carseat… which can be such a pain especially when baby is sleeping.  But now that the little one is getting bigger, and back is not getting any stronger, we’re on a hunt for a stroller.  Oy vey, so much stuff out there!  I’ve seen so many strollers ranging from a simple umbrella stroller, to a stroller on steroids with a $1000 price tag.

My husband likes the Bugaboo strollers because he’s a techie/gadget man that loves good design.  But, we’re both also practical and not really willing to spend a grand on a stroller that will last us, uh, maybe two years.  I like the MacLaren’s so far because they’re easy to fold, pretty light, easy to maneuver, moderately priced, and not so steroidal.  But, I’m curious about these Bumbleride strollers. They look great, have my favorite colors, (green and orange), and I love the fact that with the Flyer or Queen B models, you can have the option of having baby face out or face you.  For some reason, this feature seems very important to me.  The cost for the Bumblerides are pretty much in between Graco and Bugaboo.  They’re a relatively new company, but I feel as though they got the right idea with a modern edge.

My husband wants to go with the MacLaren and I’m still torn between that and the Bumbleride Flyer.  So, which stroller is really convenient, easy, and worth every dime?  Ah, who the heck knows.  At least we know which jogging stroller we’re getting… phew.



2 thoughts on “The Hunt for a Stroller

  1. I love my Maclaren. We got the cheap $100 model, so no bells and whistles on this one. I love it because Sophie is now 3. She walks a lot, but it’s easy to toss in the car when we go to the zoo, or break it out when we want a longer walk. I think it’s a better long-term purchase.

    My two cents!

  2. Great buy
    We really enjoy this travel system. Having a car seat that fits into both the base and the stroller allowed us to leave our sleeping daughter undisturbed when moving her in/out of the car. Being off of work for 3 months, I didn’t have to feel cooped at home when I could easily take my daughter to the store or the park. As big as the stroller is compared to umbrella strollers, we still prefer to take it, because the diaper bag and other items fit easily underneath, the seat-back folds down (allowing sleep or diaper changes), and it has THREE cupholders, 2 side pockets that can hold other items (burp cloth, bottled water, toys), and a little compartment for sunglasses or cell phone. The basket underneath is accessible hands-free by pressing up or down on the basket with your foot. The stroller fits in the trunk of our compact Saturn 4-door, or if necessary, in the front passenger seat (upside-down to fit in the wide wheels, which are anyway relatively easy to remove). The loaded stroller is easy to guide with one hand, so I can push it if I happen to be carrying my daughter. The stroller is sturdy and smooth enough to take down the street, on paved park paths, and we always use it on the packed sand at the beach (it even works over the brief path over the unpacked sand, if you go backwards). In her car seat in the stroller, she could get complete protection from the sun and light rain with the two canopies, although I found that a draped blanket allowed for more air flow. We took the whole system on a 10-day trip, which included a flight out of town, and I felt like our load was lighter than those we took before our daughter was born. At 6 months, she has just outgrown the car seat (but she’s basically off-the-charts in her height/weight), but we still use the stroller now that she can sit up.

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