Baby Carrier Numero 2

beco_owlOk, ok, ok, I thought I found the perfect baby carrier with the Baby Hawk, but I’m thinking that this one is good too. This carrier by Beco, is also a front and back carrier. I think that these two carriers are a tie for me. I mostly picked my Baby Hawk because of nostalgic reasons. But what does Beco have that Baby Hawk doesn’t?? A hood for the baby so that the sun won’t be in his sweet little eyes the whole time! Should I also get this Beco in this totally cute owl print? Ugh, my pillow collecting disease… it’s kinda bad. I don’t think I should pick up a baby carrier disease either or else I’ll really drive my husband nuts.


3 thoughts on “Baby Carrier Numero 2

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    A definite great read….

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