Name Tag Residue on Clothes… ERG!

I should have taken a before picture, but I didn’t even think this post was worthy until it actually worked. Our son leaves stickers on his clothes and then puts them in the hamper. Am I a lazy mom for not checking every single item before I throw it in the wash? Yes, yes I am. The worst are name tags. Since we started a new school, we’ve been having to use a lot of name tag stickers. I thought we were being pretty diligent about taking off the tags after the event, but one got away. It got away and went into the washing machine and the dryer. That sticky residue looked like it had been there for ages and made its home on the front of his shirt.

I looked up how to get rid of it online, and most of the suggestions immediately turned me off. I didn’t want to rub the sticker off with dish soap and a toothbrush forever, or use vegetable oil or peanut butter on a shirt. I mean, come on people. I’m trying to get something off a shirt. The last thing I want to do is then have to deal with an oil stain afterward! Then you see the chemical treatments like nail polish remover, goo gone, and WD-40.

I was pretty happy to find that some people used DUCT TAPE to remove the sticker residue.

Here’s how: Put a book inside the shirt and cut off a piece of duct tape. Firmly apply the duct tape and rub it over with a coin (or something hard). Then, pull it off quickly. The trick is to pull it off quickly.

photo 1And voila! It even took off some of the pilling from the shirt, so now there’s a really nice square patch on the t-shirt that looks brand new. I’m glad I tried this method first before whipping out the WD-40, eesh.

photo 2{Images by Nancy Cho for Uncle Owly}


Don’t Get Me Wrong

soft-boiled{Image by Nancy Cho for Uncle Owly}

Look, I love eggs. If I’m in a pinch, I’ll throw a fried egg on a bowl of rice with a little bit of sesame oil, soy sauce, and sesame seeds and call it a meal. When I was a kid, my mom was worried that I was malnourished because I only wanted to eat eggs and carrots. Poached, fried, boiled, it’s all good. Soft-boiled eggs are awesome, and I’m seeing these things everywhere in restaurants. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. I’m just amused that it is, like, everywhere. It just made sense to draw up the image above.

Bedroom Round Two

pinkroom{Before picture : The pink room}

When we moved into our house, our son’s bedroom had pink walls and rose colored carpet. He had just turned one and none of us were big fans of the color choices in this room. This was the easiest painting job since we didn’t care about the carpet and finished within a few hours. The image below is what happened after we painted the pink walls and replaced the rose carpet.

IMG_5719{Before picture: The baby room}

Over the years, the furniture moved around and we replaced the crib with a bed. As I came to terms that my kid is going to start elementary school this year, I decided that we needed to de-baby-fy his room. I kept some of the baby stuff, like the stuffed elephant from his first birthday made by his grandma, his baby book, and maybe a few other things that I snuck in there to ease my “my kid is growing up so fast” mind. I realized that with my crickety body, the thought of repainting his room in a few years was not an option. We wanted to choose a neutral color, and ended up painting it the same color as our wall in our dining room.

bed-corner{After picture}

I still need to hang the curtains and find a bed frame for him, but wanted to snap a few pictures before he destroyed it. It only takes minutes for the Lego’s to be thrown all over the floor making it a safety hazard for all grown adults. Even though I said in an earlier post that I wanted to stay away from gray, I ended up with it anyway. Mostly because we had the color in our house already, and we didn’t want to fuss around between that color and white. I used Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore. We just had an earthquake in our area, so I tacked everything down securely and also added adhesive putty to all the hanging pictures. Our son’s painting and Boba Fett are hung without frames with putty and washi tape.

bed1My son was on board with me most of the time as long as I had a picture of Boba Fett on the wall. The only thing he wouldn’t let me change, was his lamp. Since we got rid of most of the green in his room, he wanted to keep the one thing that had his dad’s favorite color on it. I grudgingly complied. For now. (Tapping my fingers together like Mr. Burns moment.)




IMG_8927{All images by Nancy Cho for Uncle Owly}

The Composer Is Dead


When people find out that I am a piano teacher, one of my favorite questions that they  ask me is, “What age can kids start taking piano lessons?” My answer? My answer is a bit long winded because we have to factor in their motor skills, reading skills, and ability to sit still for at least 20 minutes… then I can stretch it to 30 minutes. But what I’m really thinking in my head is, “Now.” Doesn’t really matter if it is the piano or any other instrument. Teach music now. Listen to it, sing songs, clap with rhythms. Because what music does for our brain, is more than just what we hear. It helps our minds to work with others, to start and finish a project, helps our motor skills, our reading skills, the ability to do multiple things at one time, and stimulates parts of the brain that no other activity can reach.


Okay, there’s my abridged version. Now for what inspired this post. My son received the coolest book for his birthday. The Composer Is Dead by Lemony Snicket. How can you not be intrigued by the somewhat maniacal children’s book title? A captivating mystery which takes the reader on a journey interrogating all its subjects… the orchestra. composerisdead3

The illustrations by Carson Ellis are detailed and thoughtful with perfect artistic lettering. The very clever ending offers lots of wit and charisma with a tinge of deviousness. If you don’t know already, you will learn about the orchestra and all its parts. The music by Nathaniel Stookey is a must-have when reading this book. Ours came with the CD, so make sure yours does as well. I enjoyed the music very much, and can’t read this book without it!


New Hobby | Calligraphy

photo 1 In the many elementary schools I attended, handwriting received a grade. My handwriting grades were pretty good in primary school, and I was always happy to receive a ‘E’ for excellent in handwriting.  I come from an immigrant family, so my parents were oftentimes uncomfortable with writing in English. Even though I knew they could totally do it, I was happy to write out envelopes and “thank you” cards as they dictated. More than over a decade now, I have been typing everything and not writing anything. Sure, I have to write down notes and make lists, but who hand writes anything anymore? Everything is done in email or clicking on small icons on phones. My hand written words have suffered, and now look more like a doctor’s prescription note. (So glad those prescriptions are now typed.) I decided that I wanted to take up calligraphy as a hobby. I went to my local craft store and bought some materials. It was a bust. The ink didn’t flow correctly, the nib was all wrong, and I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. What did I do? I took a calligraphy class last year with the amazing and beautiful Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls at the Makeshift Society in San Francisco. She provided everything that we needed to start. The right type of paper, ink, pen, and nib for all us enthusiastic beginners. I realized that it was imperative to use the correct supplies and to practice, practice, practice. photo 2 I took a quick snapshot of her desk set up admiring all her work and simple examples that she demonstrated. And then it was our turn to try it out. At first, I was so happy to find that my pen was working! Sadly, my handwriting wasn’t doing me any favors. As I wrote and rewrote again and again, I realized what typing for so many years had done to my writing. It sucked. photo 3 For a while after my son went to bed, I would bring out my calligraphy supplies and practice. If it was a particularly bad day, practicing calligraphy became cathartic. I was hooked and even had my first wedding invitation assignment. I mixed black and white ink to make a beautiful gray pigment that went perfectly with the blue envelopes. invitations By no means will I ever go into calligraphy as a professional, but it has become a great hobby. Since I can’t really practice piano after my son goes to bed, this is something I can do in the evening hours. Unfortunately, I do suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, so I need to take many long breaks away from this activity. But always refreshed and happy to go back to it when I’ve recovered. Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

IMG_6087For black ink, I mostly use Kuretake Sumi Ink. It is very rich and dark, and flows beautifully. Higgins Eternal black ink is also a very good one to use. For white ink, I have used both of Dr. Martin’s Bleed Proof White and Pen White. I’ve also used both for mixing with black to make gray, and it worked out great. The only thing about white ink, is that you should add distilled water to your desired thickness. For nibs, I suggest reading this awesome post on Besotted. I use the Zebra G and the Blue Pumpkin nibs, and love them. For small and super fine line projects, I have loved using the Hunt 102. Also note, that not all paper is the same! The smoother the better. Nibs will oftentimes catch on the fibers in paper, so find real practice pads to start.

{All images by Nancy Cho for Uncle Owly.}


The Fantastic Mr. Fox Birthday Party


We made it. We had the birthday party at our house, got our s*#@ together, and made it happen. We were ready, prepared, excited, and set up the backyard with a bouncy house, tables, rugs, and made shade with a pop-up tent and umbrella. The coolers were stocked with drinks and the food was all set. The weather report told us that it would be a nice 73 degrees. They were wrong. It turned out to be a sweltering 90 degree sunny day with no breeze. Everyone wanted to escape the heat, so we had the air conditioner on at full blast, and the forty-plus guests packed in our house like sardines.


The fox masks were handmade for each child. I started making these at the beginning of the month, and were pretty easy to make after I got the pattern down. Let me tell you, my felt sewing skills are gettin’ pretty good. (For those of you who sew, you know how ridiculous that statement is.)

fox-cake1Chocolate cake was requested by the birthday boy, so I baked a two-layer cake and 3-dozen cupcakes. To decorate, three little fabric flags, a fox, and a hand-drawn “Fantastic Mr. Ben” banner adorned the cake. Oh, and sprinkles too… can’t leave out sprinkles. I forgot to take pictures of the food, but happy with how it all turned out. While coming up with the menu, my whole theme for food was, “Make it simple, stupid.” Here’s what I prepared/didn’t prepare:

  • Tomato Corn Salad: easiest and fastest salad you will ever make. I got the recipe from a friend and maybe some day when I get around to it, I will share it here.
  • Pigs in a Blanket: Yeah, you say it’s trailer-park food, but you secretly love it. These were made days in advance and stored in the freezer. When it was time, all we had to do was put them in the oven at 375 degrees for 15 minutes. These were gone in a flash.
  • Ina Garten’s Mac + Cheese: Also made in advance! This is a rich mac + cheese that everyone loves. I left out the tomatoes for the kids and it was a major hit.
  • Vegan Mac + Cheese: Cause it ain’t no fun going to a party if you can’t eat anything. We had a couple vegan guests and I found this recipe online. Kind of insane how easy this was to make, and get this… everyone ate it and loved it.
  • Berries: cut up strawberries and added blueberries. The secret to sweet strawberries other than picking the right ones? Sprinkle on some balsamic vinegar, not too much!
  • Mediterranean Party Platter: I ordered this from SF Bay area restaurant, La Mediterranee just to have a little somethin’ somethin’. I hate not having enough food, so I always go opt for a lot of food.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Since Mr. Fox’s tail got shot off by the farmers, we decided to help him out and play Pin the Tail on the Mr. Fox. My husband drew the fox and I cut out fox tails from felt. We added washi-tape to write down the names, and put a sticky dot on the back. It was hilarious and the winner got a prize.

In addition to the fox mask, I made a S’mores Kit for the little guests. I wanted something with an outdoors theme, so I stuffed graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows in a kraft box. I wrote one of my favorite quotes from the movie on the top to remind all the kids how fantastic they are.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Ok, so want to hear about the good and the bad? The BAD: when you have to have a party with kids inside your house, be ready for some spillage. I found chocolate on my silk pillows, chocolate on my floors, and mac + cheese residue on my rug and carpet. But all was not lost! My mother-in-law told me to wait until everything dried completely, and then brush it off with a dry brush (like an old toothbrush). It totally worked and all I had to do was brush, spot clean just a little afterward, and then vacuum. Love that woman.
fox-invitation The GOOD: My son saying that it was the most awesome party ever. That’s pretty good….. way good…. very good….. like, that’s all I needed to hear.


At the end of the party, my husband found me out in the backyard on the jumpy house and snapped a picture.  This, my friends, is what happens to parents after throwing birthday parties. I’m sure a lot of you can relate to this image.

{All images by Nancy Cho for Uncle Owly}

{You can also check out this birthday party at Anthology Magazine’s blog!}


Red Creek Handmade


We have to consciously make an effort to put away our phones, iPads, and laptops in our home. My husband is a gadget-head and engineer, so we do have us some nifty techie gadgets laying around. For the past six months, I have been trying my best to tone down the iPhone and social media addiction by just putting it away. I still take pictures of food, outings, and of course, my kid, but have been posting a little less. When I go out to lunch with my friends, I swat my own hand away from my phone when I’m tempted to take pictures of food. (Unless it is totally mind blowing, I can’t help myself.)

So, when I run into something handmade, made to order, made with care, and nostalgic, it stops me in my tracks. My life halts for a brief moment as I look in awe and appreciate the past life. I can’t imagine what life would be like if we didn’t have little reminders to just turn it off.

Red Creek Handmade stopped me in my tracks and Katie’s designs reminded me of all the wonderful things that my amazing mother-in-law made for all of her kids when they were young. These are pieces that you keep forever and pass down to the next generation.


An outfit or a piece or two would be nice to have for keepsakes. I am so thankful for my mother-in-law, (my mom purges everything and does not make or has kept anything), for many special items that I have tucked away in a very safe place. It’s nice to take them out sometimes and get all gooey and gushy over them. How the time flies, and my baby isn’t a baby anymore.

RedCreekHandmade4{All images by Red Creek Handmade}


Animal Print Shop Nursery Project

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

When we were little, my dad had a landscaping business in the California wine country. We lived in a cute suburban neighborhood of 1950’s ranch style homes, and our house had the ugliest front yard on the block. The last thing that our dad wanted to do when he got home from work, was to design and work on our yard. Lucky for him, we were not under a home owner’s association. Not so lucky for our neighbors.

I am far from being an interior decorator, but I do love researching and looking up beautiful interiors. Now that I’m trying to figure out what to do with my son’s big-boy room, I am running into many amazing kid’s spaces. (Oh god Pinterest, what have you done to the internet and my life?) Things aren’t that pretty in my home as it is not all glitz and glam around here. I have a tough time making my home into anything Pinterest worthy as I live in the real world with a tight budget. I oftentimes become paralyzed with fear with every decision I make, and that my friends, don’t look so good.

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

My son’s room is no where near the size of this one, but my face turned green with envy as I scrolled through these pictures by The Animal Print Shop. How I wish I could have been a part of Animal Print Shop Nursery Project, but alas, the inspiration drawn from these pictures will have to suffice!

Currently, his room is a sage-y green color, and I was thinking about painting his room white. It was bright pink when we moved in, so bringing it to white will require multiple coats of paint. I’m tempted to go with this Caldwell Green color from Benjamin Moore, with the camp/outdoors theme. This color can go with any age, and is a nice change from all of the gray that I have in my home and have been seeing everywhere. Can I manage? Will it happen? Well, August is my target month, so let’s see what comes out from this petrified brain of mine.

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

{All images by Laure Joilet for The Animal Print Shop}



I love the idea of putting up wallpaper in my home. I do not love the idea of installing wallpaper in my home. The task seems overwhelming, and I do not like the idea of having to paste, cut, and align wallpaper perfectly. Hopefully, I will get over this phobia because there are some gorgeous wallpaper out there that I drool over.

Until then, I found MUR, a fun company based in Salt Lake City, Utah.  They design cute and modern wall decals to spruce up any room in the house. These affordable decals are also not permanent, so it’s perfect for the renter or the decorator that loves to change things up.


I first discovered MUR when I ran into this blog Chasing Sunshine.  I’ve been searching for decorating ideas for my little dude, to transform him baby room into a big boy room. I’ve been leaning towards the whole white/black + wood trend, and love how she added pops of color to tie everything together. Ever wish you could buy a room and have it just magically appear in your home? Poof! … darn, it didn’t work.

Jack-Room{Top two images by MUR; Bottom image by Chasing Sunshine}


Hold You Me

I applaud people who are confident enough to pull off leggings. I had some major resistance to leggings when they first started becoming popular, but have now embraced the elastic, stretchy, and comfy goodness that they provide. My tops have to cover my seat though, because there is some serious self-loathing action going on with the flat butt situation I must contend with. Leggings on kids and babies are an obvious cute-overload winner, and I love these adorable leggings by Hold You Me 


Made with organic cotton, these leggings are soft, comfortable, and handmade by Jessica Gromlovits from Waxhaw, North Carolina. The Woodland themed leggings are my first pick, but they just about tied with all the other prints in her shop. 


{All images from Hold You Me}



The 5th Birthday Party


I think that I’m getting birthday party burn out. Strike that… I KNOW that I’m getting birthday party burnout. Already you say? Yeah, I hear you, this mama better shape up because there are many more to come. I am late sending out the invites, I was almost late in reserving a bouncy house, and now I’m racking my brain for all the other little details. It’s been procrastination city in my head. But maybe we won’t fret over the details this time. Maybe we will just fret over the food – cause we love food in this house, and making sure the kids have fun. We decided to have it at home this year so that we could remind ourselves to have it somewhere else next year.



On the upside, our little man decided to have a Fantastic Mr. Fox themed birthday party. This did lift up my spirits as we are big fans of Roald Dahl, and big fans of Wes Anderson. I decided to go rustic with this one and paint the heading. It’s much more difficult than writing with, let’s say, a pen or a calligraphy pen. Also, painting words with watercolor made me lose my ability to spell.


I did however, manage to paint the fox and be fairly happy with the result. I’ve never used watercolors before, so I had to quickly Google, “How to watercolor.” I wasn’t even going to go there with the hands fearing that it would frighten children and look mutant-like, so I cropped the very bottom of the fox in the invitation. I’m also not that good at drawing, so I ain’t gonna lie – I traced just the outline of the head from some other fox image I found online.  But I did have to free-hand the rest and paint it in. You should’ve seen my other fox… it looked like a dog.

Now I guess I’ll put stamps on them and mail them out today. Or tomorrow. ;)

{All images by Uncle Owly – Nancy Cho}

Down Home Amy

Down Home Amy

I have one kid and don’t really see the second one coming any time soon. I do “goo” and “gaw” over some babies, and go a little crazy town when I see ever-so-cute baby items. My mission now, is to convince my friends and family to have kids so that I can have the awesome benefits of being an aunt.

When my little one hit 6 months, there was no end in sight to his constant drooling. He had to wear a bib all the time, which we nicknamed, Perma-Bib. We had a collection of 28 bibs, and wished that we had known about Down Home Amy‘s bibs for those special occasion days. Or any day for that matter!

Based in San Francisco, all of products are eco-friendly and made to order. Since I’m anxiously waiting for, um, everyone else but me to have a baby, these would make perfect gifts for the newbies.





One of the places on my “go-visit” list, is Austin, Texas. It seems that that this city has flourished in the arts, culture, and food movement over the past ten years. And if you live in Austin, you can find MAKEatx, a member based workshop that offers a laser cutting machine, sewing machines, silk-screening equipment, and other high and low tech equipment to help create your project. You can sign up to be a member to use their facilities, and they also offer classes for the newbies.

For those who do not live in Austin, we can enjoy the many creations that come from this workshop. One of my favorite designs are these fun and sleek map puzzles by Steven Mattern. It’s a little too old for my little guy, but it would be cool for the older elementary kids or the genius babies.



But, the little guy and I have started playing Tic-Tac-Toe together. We started doing this while waiting for food at restaurants and played on napkins or butcher paper. These Tic-Tac-Toe kits from Joelle Felyce Geisler are a lot more engaging than playing on napkins, and easy to stuff in your bag to take around with you.



{Images from MAKEatx, Steven Mattern Design, and Joelle Felyce Geisler}


Meyer Lemon Parmesan Salad Dressing with Fresh Mint


Last fall, I figured out my sister-in-law’s salad dressing and wrote a post on the Anthology Magazine website. This may be an oldie, but dang, it’s a goodie. Spring is in full effect around these parts (California), so I’m craving for some salad. I don’t crave for salad much, but this dressing is one that I do crave. Top it off with some seared scallops and I’ll be taking some bites from your plate.

The recipe is easy, and once you get it down, you won’t have to measure. Just get the main ingredients and go to town all over those awesome greens that you know you should be eating. Hey, we parents need to eat well for our kids too, right? And get this, your kid might love this dressing as well since it’s got a hint of sweetness from honey. If you want the recipe, go here!


{All images from Anthology Magazine. Photos by Marvin Ilasco.}

Small Adventure


I don’t know why I haven’t posted about this one earlier…. oh wait, I do know why — I’m a neglectful blogger! I discovered Small Adventure at the San Francisco Renegade show a few years back, and was fell in love with these illustrations by Keiko Brodeur. Many of her prints remind me of vintage illustrations of nature and the outdoors, which I think would go perfect in any child’s room. But, there’s something for everyone here, boy or girl, small or tall!



{All images by Small Adventure}

Yellow Owl Workshop


I have been a fan of Yellow Owl Workshop for a long time now, and even made tea towel gifts for friends and family by using their pattern from Anthology Magazine’s Holiday Gift Guide. In our house, we love making and using stamps for art projects, bags, and even wrapping paper. The little guy is now into stenciling, so I was excited to see that Yellow Owl Workshop came out with these fun stencil kits. Don’t worry about having to find blank tea towels or tote bags, because these kits come with everything you need to make your project. We’re always trying to find new and fun birthday gifts, so this one will be on the top of our list!

yellowowl1 yellowowl2

{All images from Yellow Owl Workshop}

Kira Kids


I attended Cat Seto’s Ferme A Papier store re-opening in February, and was enamored by all the beautifully curated items in her boutique. While I found many things for my walls, my home, and myself, I was excited to find these adorable t-shirts by Kira for my little guy. Inspired by her nephews, Christine designs modern and hip graphics for kids and babies in San Francisco. The bears and pinata’s are my favorite! What I love about her line, is that she offers equally fun designs for boys. You’ve heard me say it before, and I’ll say it again; I get so frustrated with the lack of stuff out there for boys. It’s always refreshing to see designers like Kira, taking the challenge to design for the little dudes. Mad props to you, Christine.


SONY DSC SONY DSC{All images from}

Walnut Animal Society

Henry the Fox – Walnut Animal Society

I have been meaning to write a post on these wonderful stuffed animals by Lauren Bradshaw. She launched Walnut Animal Society after she couldn’t find a stuffed animal fox for her son Henry. Hence,Henry the Fox was made and is joined now by new characters such as a deer, bear, raccoon, and bunny. Each animal is priced at $98.00 retail, and masterfully crafted by hand. This is not an item that you have temporarily… no, no. This is an item that you pass down to the next generation.

Chester the Raccoon

Walnut Animal Society

Sale Finds at Mini & Maximus

My little guy will be turning four in few months, and lucky for me, he still lets me dress him in clothes that I like. Don’t think that I’m not thankful for that, ’cause I am. I’m thanking my lucky stars right now until that dreaded day when he picks out his own clothes… no matter how filthy or worn out they are. One of the lines that I like to stalk is Mini and Maximus. It’s a hipster clothing line for kids and yes, I like it. I like the illustrations, I like the leggings, I like the shirts, I like it all. And get this… some of my favorite prints are on sale!



Aqua, Pink, Grey, and Black Nursery

One of my favorite colors is aqua/turquoise. I went nuts when the turquoise and brown color combination hit years ago, but then it went on to other color combo’s and it was difficult for me to let go of aqua. I was so excited to see this nursery by Lay Baby Lay, using aqua with splashes of pink, grey, black and white. My new favorite color combo right now is peach and gray, so I was excited to see the colors in this nursery using that with my old time love, aqua. Baby or not, Vivi Charles’ nursery is a room that I wish I could be my bedroom.

Sailboat Party Theme

I love party themes because they give me direction. Sometimes, it can become a little too obsessive, but in the end, it somehow turns out pretty well. I am in love with this Sailboat party theme by Diaper Style Memoirs. All done DIY style with, get ready for this…. $20. With all the money that goes into parties these days, that $20 price tag is music to my ears. Click here to see all images and full post!


Elias & Grace


There are days where I look at my little guy and wish he was 8 months old again. I usually look upon those days when we have a terrible-two tantrum moment. For me, that time was the “Golden Baby Time.” He was animated, could sit up on his own, go wherever I went, slept through the night, and had the major baby chubs. So, I am looking back at all those cute baby clothes and lookie what I found.Elias & Grace not only have cute baby clothes, they have clothes for your little girls and boys too.


Made by Hand

Emily Baier of Tako Fibers, has created awesome embroidery kits for every skill level so you and your kid can have some embroidery sessions together over a warm cup of hot-cocoa. Each kit comes with a screenprinted piece of fabric, a hoop, a needle, wool tapestry yarn, a stitch guide, and detailed instructions. These aren’t your old grandmother’s patterns either. They are cute and updated for the new crafter. These will make great little holiday presents and stocking stuffers!

Ben’s Second Birthday

My little guy is already two years old. I swear I can still remember him kicking my ribs when he was in my tummy, but now I have to say that that was years, (yes, years plural), ago. The week of the party was a little nuts. Thankfully, my crafty-genius-mother-in-law, came down to help watch the little guy while I frantically started getting things ready for the party. Did I mention that I had to also work, teach, read a book for a book club meeting, and go to a parent board meeting that week too? Oh, and let me also mention that my husband also broke his ankle and had to have nine screws and a metal plate put in his leg. We probably wouldn’t have had a party if my mom-in-law didn’t come to watch the little rascal. I just hope that amidst all the craziness, we didn’t scare her and she will come back again.

Here are some pictures of the party. I baked carrot cupcakes and Ben’s birthday cake. I like simple things… haha, who am I kidding? I didn’t have time to make an extravagant birthday cake, so I was lucky enough to find a cute train set birthday candle holder to go on top of the cake. The suitcase which is holding the party favor bags was my mom’s from the 70’s. If you recall, the favor bags match the invitation I designed. Little Ben wore a t-shirt that read, “Choo choo, I’m 2!” from Cantaloupe Corner. And see that garland above the banner? I actually sewed that! Just cut circles out of felt and fed it through the sewing machine. Voila! It was actually simple and didn’t take that much time. It also helps to have the circle fabric cutter that I have.

Lemonade Anyone?

I can’t wait to have a lemonade stand with the little guy. I want to make him the most bomb-a** lemonade stand ever. I think these vintage looking beverage dispensers from Victorian Trading Co. are perfect for any party, wedding, and yes, the bomb-a** lemonade stand. It will be totally, (in higher pitch voice), awesoooome.